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  1. Maybe the mods could look at this as a 3 month draw 3 winners split evenly any odd ones roll over or get kept for non delived items but you can only enter if your a member same rules 1oz min would certainly entice me to sign up as a paid member imagine the excitement of winning upto 33oz of silver. Maybe its been tryed before and failed i am not new but only visit site when i have spare money to buy silver
  2. Just a idea how about we give to 3 charitys one for children one for cancer and one for the elderly all put into one pot split 3 ways. any amount and no pressure to do so
  3. I love this not normally intrested in bars but this is a cool item bet not cheap
  4. Wasnt in draw last year but is this year bigger then last year seems like alot of people on board
  5. I would like to be in my collection only full of silver bullion but can offer up x2 maples or silver dollar winners choice .
  6. jacobkenn

    Strange habits?

    I carry a silver dollar all the time for luck and as a carpet salesman when I get asked to do a deal I sometimes give them a deal on the toss of the coin. funny when a customer says will you do that Β£99 rug for Β£80 and I say we will toss a coin for it but if I win you give me 110 but if I lose you can have it for Β£75 some just pay the 99 but some like a gamble
  7. Would be nice to know who this seller was as ebay do nothing about fakes being sold the thing is you will send this coin back and he will con someone else the coin needs to disposed of not given back but you won't get your money back if you do that i agree about 1917 catching people out even dealers but for me thats enough to put me off buying it especially of ebay. You wasnt being rude it's a open fourum we all entitled to our opinions
  8. Be intrested in seeing ebay picture Please don't take this as a dig I dont want to make you feel worse But why would you buy a coin that in the back of your mind you knew it was fake only say this as your comment of hope it's real. EBay purchases always come with risk but it's up to us to limit them
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 100% my feeling about it too just thought i would put it out there just in case I was missing somthing
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