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  1. Universal credit isn’t a great help to be honest. Ive been on ssp for 6 months. Damaged a disc in my neck which has caused nerve damage and indents into my spinal cord. it’s been a nightmare. On the waiting list for replacement disc surgery which has now been delayed. I’m a monumental mason and can’t work - I can’t lift a stone. We applied for universal credit 4 months ago. We don’t get anything as my partner works and they no longer pay housing benefits towards mortgages. She only earns £1300 per month plus my £94 per week. We have one child but we don’t get a penny. Even though we aren’t getting a single penny and I am technically still employed, last Monday I had to attend a universal credit fit for work assessment last Monday!
  2. Hi dom That will be fine, PayPal or bank is fine. PM for details Thanks
  3. 3 lions. 2 in usual capsules and the other comes in the leather case The Queen Anne is not in the picture
  4. £335 delivered - 3 lions, 3 griffins, 1 dragon and 1 Queen Anne revenge
  5. 3 x lions - 1 cased, 1 has milking/toning 3 x griffins - 1 has very slight toning round the rim 1 x dragon 1 x Queen Anne black flag revenge (forgot to picture but condition is good being a new coin from Perth. Please see pictures for condition, additional photos at request. £370 delivered by special delivery for the lot
  6. I imagine the £3.99 they do is popular so they will be bombarded with orders for them
  7. If anyone would be interested in a straight up trade for the first silver proof gruffalo for the new one please pm me Thanks
  8. https://www.vouchercloud.com/the-royal-mint-vouchers?utm_campaign=151758017&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjciLkY-r5QIVSqqaCh0ZnAsqEAAYASAAEgJVlvD_BwE The £30 code has now finished.
  9. I seen it on Facebook, tried it and the discount was applied. Tried again after I posted and it no longer worked Wish I had of pulled the trigger now but I didn’t bother
  10. Code appears to no longer work, they must have removed it from the 25% discount BND213 still works for £30 off over £100
  11. Try using code dsc275 It knocks the gold down to £735 and silver to £48.75
  12. He’s trying to shift them on Facebook now.
  13. I was scammed on gumtree buying coins. Paypal refused to do anything. Luckily I used my Barclaycard who refunded me within 7 days. Just had to print out the transaction details and send it to them.
  14. There not real 50p are they? I read they were an official Disney commemorative coin Edit - just realised Isle of Man
  15. Expensive paper! They must be making a killing with these offers they keep posting out. I believe it is the “gsm” paper quality. They higher the better.
  16. It’s working for me on iPhone. £249 on main page but the £224 link is still there if you search for it.
  17. Check your junk folder, that’s where mine ended up
  18. I used the £224 link today and ordered 3 My order confirmation turned out to be in the junk folder I haven’t ordered sovereigns off them but got some falcons a few month back and been hounded by them ever since
  19. I also won a amazon kindle unlimited pass but this has been snapped up by a family member. Nice of Mac Donald’s
  20. I have one of the now tv entertainment passes which last for 3 months. Over 300 box sets and I’m pretty sure game of thrones is on. Won from the monopoly competition at Mac Donald’s. Drop me a pm if anyone wants this as I already have all these box sets. Please note you must cancel after 3 months free is up! Added 0 minutes later...
  21. Sand from the Sahara also blows across the Atlantic. Has done forever. It is what provides the nutrients for the rainforests in South American to blossom. Nothing to do with global warming.
  22. They will most likely have their own insurance policy incase anything went walk about
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