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  1. You can find more information on our dealer sub forum with the following TFS link. We have the Camelot Arthur Pendragon and Fortuna & Tyche both coming soon with both coins being 2 ounces of .999 silver in ultra high relief with select gilding and antique finish. https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/106-art-in-coins-canada/
  2. Don't think there's anything sinister afoot at EIC. I believe they commission their manufacturing in smaller batches (vs entire mintage at once) and that's why they are in and out of stock frequently. Their retail list price merely reflects gold and silver spot at the time they order their blanks for the next round of production. My speculation only of course...
  3. So here's the latest and greatest from East India Company regarding Queen's Virtues: "Deep apologies for the delay. We are expecting to receive both coins from our manufacturer by end of this month. So hopefully we would be able to ship it by early June."
  4. I have an email in to the EIC sales manager for N. America to see if there are any delays in production. Will post back here whenever I have some feedback.
  5. @SilverStorm Thank you for the kind mention of @artincoins. I really appreciate it 😁😁
  6. Greetings Optical. Yes, there are still future issues planned in the series... They've just been Coronavirus'd and seriously delayed at RCM. According the project manager, they're hoping to get the next coin released around the Sept - Oct timeframe. Unfortunately they are keeping the next coin design a closely guarded secret so I can't share that information just now. With regards to Krakens... Despite there being no caps on mintage, it's not certain that they will run anymore in production. They might have struck all they're going to for the first coin. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Awesome, thank you for the kind feedback and for paying artincoins.com a visit. If there's ever anything there that catches your eye, please use code WELCOME at checkout for 5% off your first order.
  8. Absolutely 100% Transferwise (now Wise) is my sole payment platform for all of my inventory purchases plus any other online payments I need. They have the best market rates on the currency exchange (PayPal is the worst) but there's still a fee for the transaction.
  9. Unless buying something from RCM, you effectively already pay the exchange rate as any bars or coins manufactured outside of Canada has this built in. Most of my inventory is sourced in Euro's or USD so when it's time to set the list price, the exchange rate is already accounted for. No matter what your payment platform, credit card, wire transfer PayPal, etc. it's the added foreign transaction fees that you add on that you don't pay when purchasing from within Canada. Edit: You asked earlier about customs fees as well. If your dealer ships via USPS there won't be any fees. If they use a commercial carrier (FedEx, UPS) and the order value is in excess of $2000 CAD, there will be a broker fee to process the clearance.
  10. Morning Denis, As long as you are importing a purity of .95 gold or .999 silver (or better) your metals will be exempt of any duties or taxes. Shipping fees will vary from dealer to dealer and for sure, with having to deal with the currency exchange, there will be some fees involved on the payment. When I first started collecting metals and prior to kicking off my own retail endeavors, I had purchased from AMPEX and found them to be very reliable. Hope this information is helpful and if you have any other questions, I'll be happy to assist further. Michael
  11. Pleased to hear that your funny little "Rubber Duck" set arrived safely. It is definitely a novelty item but they sure are a popular item. Enjoy, I really like the Olympus Gods set you have there and the ICON coins were a hot seller from Pressburg. We'll have to reload our stock as they sold out quickly with us as well. Cheers, Michael Art in Coins
  12. For bullion rounds the KOMSCO products are very well done. Yes, they do command a higher premium but that is largely because the S. Korean mint has to import all of their gold and silver for manufacturing. Plus there's the added shipping costs from S. Korea to wherever their distributors may be located...
  13. Cool, thank you. My prices are right in line then. Have a great rest of the weekend.
  14. Curious to know the price per piece, if you don't mind sharing... or PM me if you don't want to share publicly.
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