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  1. Arriving over the coming weeks, here's a quick preview of some hot, high relief and super low mintage coins from Perth Mint. We have these available in pre-order so please reply or PM for more information. 2020 Australia 1 Ounce Koala High Relief Gold Proof Coin 2020 Australia 2 Ounce Kookaburra Gold Gilded High Relief Silver Proof Coin 2020 Australia 5 Ounce Koala High Relief Silver Proof Coin
  2. Easiest way is to just follow this link: https://www.artincoins.com/search?type=product&q=Canada+1+Ounce+Maple 🙂 These are in hand and I ship in-stock orders same or next day after receipt of payment. These additional links will be helpful when considering a purchase with Art in Coins. https://www.artincoins.com/pages/shipping https://www.artincoins.com/pages/terms-and-conditions Thank you very much and hope to help you with some Maple Leaf's. Michael
  3. Price will be determined tomorrow just before going live with the listing. Apologies for this... I just want to ensure that I'm line with the general market for this coin program. Demand is already super hot and I want to be sure I'm treating my pre-order / waiting list customers fairly.
  4. Sure. You can PM me here, touch bases at [email protected] or there's live chat available at artincoins.com. I'm always (except when sleeping of course) hovering around in the background 🙂
  5. Coins like these are private coin projects so you have to get them from the party that commissions the manufacture from the mint. The Vikings are fortunately not an exclusive program so they've been made available for more widespread distribution among the established numismatic dealers. Like me 🙂
  6. Here's a sneak preview of a new product going live for pre-orders tomorrow morning. This is the first issue in a new 5 coin, high relief Vikings series from Poland Mint, "Eric Bloodaxe". It employs the now classic Poland Mint attributes; fantastic design, rimless with engraved serial, discreet gold gilding and a deep antique finish.
  7. Isn't that also "nearly" a coincidence. I have property just a bit south of you on Herron Island. Being in Montreal, Quebec now I never get to enjoy it and I'll have to figure something out with that at some point but when I'm there, it's nothing but pure relaxation and tranquility. I dig Gig Harbor too... just the right size and amazingly picturesque. Cheers, Michael
  8. Where are you located in Washington? I used to be an Eastside Seattle guy for many years...
  9. The entire Creatures of the North Series is actually a commission from a commercial broker in the US. I'm partnered with them because they're also the exclusive distributors of PAMP Suisse products in N. America.
  10. Before you purchase... please do inform me of the price as I'm super curious. I'm about to get my 2nd round of stock of the Kraken's and I may be able to offer better value 🙂
  11. We've got some exciting bullion products on the way from the S. Korean Mint (KOMSCO) and we hope to begin customer shipping late May, early June. We'll have such favorites as: Chiwoo Cheonwang, Korean Tigers, Zi:Sin Scrofa and the new Taekwondo siver round. The new Phoenix round is on our radar too but it will be coming later this summer. For specs and pricing and product links, please shoot a PM.
  12. Oh there you go, not a properly size capsule. That's too bad. Schones Wochenende, Michael
  13. It's not just the inside of the capsule that has scratches?
  14. I've got 2009, 2012 & 2013 1 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf's, condition BU. $33 CAD plus shipping (approx $24 USD) $250 plus ships free in Canada and $1000 plus ships free the US. There's even free international shipping for orders over $2,500. Please PM for more information. We accept many different forms of payment and you will be invoiced externally from our retail website. You will also be provided links to our shipping / terms & conditions pages prior to booking an order. Kind regards, Art in Coins
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