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  1. Final 6 pieces left. Feel free to message me.
  2. Bumped with price reductions
  3. Bump. Reductions offered for multiple coins purchased.
  4. Hi All, Looking to move on some of my silver after having a re-think about my PM/stacking goals. All coins come in capsules apart from the Tiger Shark. Any questions just let me know. Reductions for multiple purchases. Price is in pounds. Payment via PPFF. Buyer pays for their choice of postage and risk. Coin Year Country Privy/Other Weight Marks Price Dragon SOLD 2019 AUS 1.00
  5. Usually not a huge stickler for rules, but you need to price up all of your items. Can't expect each forum member to pm you for a price.
  6. Looks like it's back in action. Although, I'm 6,925 in the queue...
  7. @Roy thanks a lot for setting this up. Glad you made a sizeable donation! Congratz to all the other winners.
  8. You're a gent, thanks a lot. I will get right on it.
  9. I was asleep at the wheel with this one and then the pandemic hit when I was about to buy the coin,held off due to the uncertainty and then everyone gobbled up all the silver! I'm getting a bit impatient so looking to pick one up before they come back in stock at the European Mint. If any one has a 'spare' one and is willing to sell it to me, then please let me know. Price, the sticking issue. £45 delivered would be great...
  10. You do realise your special price for three is the same price per oz for the two?
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