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  1. That used to be the case, but as Gildeon states - From 1 January 2021, eBay will start to collect and remit VAT for UK imports on all consignments with a value of up to £135. There will no longer be a VAT exemption for small consignments up to £15.
  2. Yes I ordered a second hand DVD from Germany, the price I paid was £4.57 (listed price) but on my orders page it says item price £3.81. Good little earner for the Taxman.
  3. The Royal Mint site doesn't accept credit card deposits now, only debit card.
  4. I'm still buying, don't forget for us here in the UK, Brexit is still looming. We may get 20% VAT slapped on gold at the end of this/start of next financial year. Even at current all time high prices, gold could be looking like a bargain.
  5. I can't provide the dealer phone number as everyone else will be trying to sell theirs to him.
  6. I made a panic Gold purchase shortly after the lockdown started, but have decided to keep buying in the dips. I've halted all Silver purchases at the moment, there just doesn't seem much around to buy.
  7. My order for the £329 2020 Uncirculated Sovereign at H&B was cancelled "already gone over my limit", I did get one at £319 previously though.
  8. Don't let 22ct put you off buying Sovereigns, extremley liquid (easy to sell if you need the cash). Premiums (the price over spot price) have taken a hike recently on Royal Mints bullion site. This as well as the current high spot price may influence your buying decision at this time.
  9. Yes, not showing up on Full Sovereigns for me using Firefox with Adblock+.
  10. Hmm that feature is not showing up for me on their website.
  11. Both are good, if you have a 1/10 Britannia already why not start saving for a Half Sovereign? I think its good to have Gold in hand at the moment.
  12. Placed my order with Royal Mint Bullion Monday afternoon, coin arrived today! Things seem to be back to normal there or maybe I'm the only one buying.
  13. 2020 Full Sovereigns now back in stock at Royal Mint Bullion.
  14. Good to know, even with all the current trouble, H&B are still managing to get all their junk mail through to us. Also this lovely 2020 full soveriegn purchased recently for £319.
  15. Is it my imagination or has Royal Mint Bulion sharply increased the premium on its gold coins?
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