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  1. For IHT sovereigns are market value on date of death
  2. It’s not in the interest of any lender to reduce the term of the mortgage as that means you’ll stop paying it earlier and hence stop paying them interest. As long as you’re paying off some of the mortgage then overall your debt is coming down, irrespective of the mortgage term as if you keep paying it down it will eventually get to zero. When your fixed rate comes to an end in three years you can re-mortgage and reduce the term then, in the meantime the term doesn’t matter.
  3. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is usually payable by someone UK resident for tax purposes who disposed of an asset in the UK. Yes, you’re right gold is exempt from this tax. Bringing goods into the country is nothing to do with CGT. This is covered by customs and excise, there are allowances for personal use and it depends whether you’re arriving from within or outside of the EU. A kilo of gold would be above these allowances, would need to declared and customs duty would likely have to be paid.
  4. The world is getting richer as economic growth occurs. That wealth is either spent or saved. Part of the ‘saved’ part will go into gold. India, China & Indonesia have huge (growing) populations and high savings rates. Gold isn’t ‘consumed’ but there is a finite amount available (above or below the ground).
  5. There is either free speech or no speech. ‘Hate speech’ is a made up term to prevent free speech by some quarters. What is ‘hate speech’? Who decides what’s included as ‘hate speech’? If you don’t like what someone’s saying then don’t listen to them. If someone wants to be racist, sexist etc then they can, but they’ll be judged by everyone else accordingly.
  6. you're quite possibly right, memories of 2008 have grown quite faint!
  7. "The stock market climbs a wall of worry" https://www.vanguardinvestor.co.uk/articles/latest-thoughts/investing-success/time-in-the-markets Get your asset allocation right (PM, Stocks, Cash, fixed interest) and sit back and relax. What's the point in trying to guess the future? I've tried and my crystal ball has been proven to be faulty...
  8. With interest rates still at rock bottom after several years, N,S & I (which are 100% government backed) have attracted large inflows from savers. Government borrowing is down a bit at the moment so N,S & I's target for savers money may have been reduced. Effectively they only want your money if they need it or have to borrow on the gilt markets at higher interest rates. At the moment they don't need it. It does mean there are slightly less choices for cash savings than before, but you can still save £2m with them in their direct saver earning 0.95%. This doesn't seem too shabby.
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