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  1. Saw this on The Britannia Coin Company
  2. They could be fine tool marks not polished enough, I have the same on mine and seem to follow the deeper contours of the horse
  3. I saw, but I didn't trust that site, have you used them before?
  4. They seem to have put the price up since I posted
  5. Just a heads up only 1000.. https://www.emk.com/en-us/collection/star-wars/star-wars-mandalorian-inzm002150?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fcollection%2fstar-wars%2f%23inzm002150
  6. The just posted a kilo gold queen's beast on their YouTube channel
  7. Just received this email from Coin Connection With the passing of Prince Philip, the Queen has decided, that the Struck on the Day Sovereign, will now be struck on her 'official Birthday - 12th June 2021, instead of the 21st April
  8. Also taken down from preorder on coin connection https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/the-95th-birthday-of-her-majesty-the-queen-celebration-2021-sovereign-pre-order/
  9. They normally release them end of year around November, maybe a Crown with a 70 inside like the previous Sapphire Jubilee
  10. I also think so, normally the Royal Mint have them around the same price, I got mine for £636 using "Grace" coupon, just glad now I don't have to get up early and try to rush filling in info and getting card declined lol
  11. Pre Order available for Celebration Sovereign, orderly line https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/the-95th-birthday-of-her-majesty-the-queen-celebration-2021-sovereign-pre-order/
  12. That's the coin from the longest reigning monarch probably put it up by accident
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