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  1. I think if they were going to do a SOTD they would have listed it today along with the other coins but as "No Longer Available" they have done that with the previous 2 sotd, I could be wrong tho will just have to wait and see
  2. Just spoke to them on the phone "doesn't seem like they have any plans for it at the moment"
  3. No error, just a standard bullion 1/4 from The London Mint Office, I just added the bullion in after in the wrong place, hope they make a 1 Sov version its a nice design just hard to see
  4. Search Kokoshnik Hallmark, there are a few Russian Hallmarks that have the same style but the results were mainly coming up for silver, hopefully that helps you find more info
  5. 585 is 14k Gold, maybe mixed with 925 Silver? just a guess
  6. Nothing at all except the date and the increased mintage on the 10 oz from 1000 to now 3000
  7. European Mint 2022 Silver Beskar Bars 10oz & 1oz
  8. Silver Bullion 79th Element Bars x5 £30 Each (Old Rear Element Design of SM Bullion?) Slight toning on rim London x2, Tower Bridge x2, Battersea 100g Metalor Bar £90 (With Certificate) SS Gairsoppa 1oz Round £40 Queens Beasts Lion 2016 2oz £70 Britannia 2018 1oz £30 (Oriental Border) Brittania 2014 1oz £25 (Horse Rim?) AU Trading Bars 1oz x3 London £30 Would Sell Slightly Cheaper as 1 Lot Shipping: Buyers Choice Bank Transfer BTC/ETH Crypto Wallet More images available if needed
  9. If its a non Privy St George & the Dragon with a low mintage I'd probably get one
  10. 2017 200th Anniversary Privy Bullion Full Sovereign in capsule £350 via Special Delivery UK Only (obviously) Bank Transfer, No Refunds
  11. Just had mine delivered, looks perfect not missing any of the Matte finish
  12. Just got email confirmation aswell
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