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  1. I know in Australia, the government helps renters to pay the rent providing they can prove they don't have the funds. Maybe here in the UK, the government should look into something similar. After all, why should a landlord be expected to pick up the bill for someone else's accomodation?
  2. Lovely looking coin. No doubt Terri Irwin will be coining it on these! Wonder what animal she has lined up next?!
  3. @kimchi I'm a believer in large does of vitamin C for colds and flu/viruses as per Linus Pauling. So whether this speical type of vitmain C which I haven't heard of is any good who knows. Of course large doses of vitamin C mean you need to be near the toilet but a small price to pay if it helps beat the virus. I have an open mind when it comes to alternative medicine/healing modules and use it when I feel the need, or if western medicine doesn't work. Trouble is, a great many people are doubtful of any type of help outside of mainstream NHS expecially if it doesn't involve prescribed pills of some sort - I have relatives who will only take what the doctor ordered and wouldn't dream of exploring other possibilities. Thankfully I'm the opposite and like to explore alternatives and have found therapies that have been beneficial. This doesn't mean I shun the GP when needed but also I don't always go along with what they think or prescribe as I had an extreme reaction of an antibotic years ago resulting in hepatitis which wasn't fun at all! Sound therapy is something I looked into years ago. Many will say, what a load of rubbish but as you say, what harm can it do, and it might work for you. If classical music has been touted to calm and heal, then sound in various forms could be good for us. Trust you are feeling better and on the mend.
  4. Welcome to the forum. It's full of interesting people.
  5. I've read in the press of people who have claimed their pensions early due to redunancy then are ineligible for benefits, so please, be careful in your choice. Suggest you emial citizens advice bureaux or similar as well as going to the goverement website to see what information you can gleen.
  6. I agree @blindguy we are now living in a blame society where few take responsibility for their own actions. It's the 'I'm entitled, it's my right' type of attitude that prevails. I think too that all this social media/celebrity culture constantly showing off as where one is, what one is wearing/drinking/eating/drinking/younameit intices some to want what they can't have, to the point you can read in the press about people killing themselves over what I would regard as trivial things - teenager has phone confiscated by parents on foreign holiday, teen commits suicide! Beyond belief. All seem to want the lastest car/holidays and the macmansion with the latest huge tv/gadgets and the like. Seems that keeping up with the Jones has taken on a whole new meaning. Alot of it comes back to how some of these people were raised, the values they were instilled with, work ethic, attitude, discipline. Many were never taught these things, maybe because it was/is a generational thing. Let's not mention respect or manners - that's a whole new thread! Prehaps these people think that good times will always be there, and if all else fails, they can fall back on the state. The future is far too far away for many to even think about as they live for the present. Of course there are many many who do not fall into this category, but in the general population, there are an awful lot of them about. Just my thoughts .....
  7. caloundracats

    Gold in a crisis.

    True, but worth a try if you are really interested. I'm sure there were those that hoarded them at some stage or went back to the mother land where they may have been given one by the older generation as a gift. Who knows, only suggestions.
  8. caloundracats

    Gold in a crisis.

    There is also a sizable Vietnamese community in Sydney and also in [email protected]
  9. Neighbours around here had a party last night. I wasn't invited. Wouldn't have gone if I had been. Some people just don't get or understand the message.
  10. caloundracats

    Gold in a crisis.

    Lots of 'Boat People' escaped to Australia and settled in Melbourne. Maybe check out some Aussies sites/dealers, you might be lucky.
  11. Just spoke to folk in Australia where they are issuing on the spot $1000 fines for those who flout the rules and the police are not holding back in issuing these fines. Maybe something like this would wake people up in this country. Other countries (Philippines) are far stricter.
  12. I think the police should issue on the spot £500 fines for anyone flouting the lockdown rules with the monies going to the NHS. After all, it may well be those who flout the rules that cause the lockdown to be extended causing us all more hardship. They may also be some of the people spreading the virus, who knows. I hope they don't catch it, but if they do, might well be of their own doing. STAY SAFE.
  13. Well I wasn't aware that any council normally delivers food parcels to residents without good reason @sixgun As this issue of delivering food parcels to the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable has been in the news recently, and this discussion was about Covid-19 I stupidly thought that members on here would have realised what I was talking about. See, I'm stupid too! Let's leave it at that.
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