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  1. I’ve worked in TV for 18 years so I will get the John Logie Baird 50p when it’s released on its own. I like this set as it doesn’t seem to have been contaminated by 2020 wokeness.
  2. Arms stocks will get a boost when Biden takes over. Judging by his transition team a certain country will get their wars which Trump wouldn’t start. Arms stocks are where I draw the line because if I’m doing well then villages in Yemen and Syria won’t be.
  3. I reject your apology as there is nothing to apologise for. I was wondering how this data can help us going forward.
  4. We have all these graphs and wall of text but how can we make money from this going forward?
  5. Could be a pump & dump, maybe he will buy them back when the price drops. If you were that confident in your vaccine wouldn’t you keep them? People bought the news and now many have looked beyond the headlines into the study results and realised the the two don’t match.
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/pfizers-ceo-dumps-60-his-stock-covid-vaccine-announcement
  7. I sold my Tullow oil on the rise when it hit green and bought into Novacyt as it dropped 40%, 212 was being slow so I could only get in at £7. I haven’t bought into any COVID stocks until now. I bought Nio inc last week and they are 45% up already. I bought them back in Feb and sold when they were $4, at that point they couldn’t pay their staff and I stopped following their news. Now they are making 5k cars a month. I’m sitting on losses for SYME and Kefi gold and minerals but I’m not too fussed as they 1+ year holds till I expect anything. I look at my GGP paper profit and t
  8. Is that £5 or £500? They haven’t collapsed, they have enough available credit to be closed till next year. I wonder if it’s a warning to other production companies to not cancel releases and they stay open. I sold out last month at 60p for £260 profit to buy into ALBA minerals. I bought back in at 41p average. Happy to sit on a loss for 6 months rather than give away cheap shares. I’ll top up if it’s under 30p. It went to 20p at the first lock down and has been back to £1 twice.
  9. For sale as a complete tube. 40 x 90% silver US liberty quarters. Dates are mainly 1964 apart from a couple of 62/63. Comes with the coin tube. $10 dollar face, 7.14oz silver £142 plus £7 special delivery U.K. delivery only. (£149 total) Bank transfer or Paypal F&F
  10. Have you looked at Cineworld? I sold all my Tullow Oil last month at a tiny profit and got in Cineworld at 48p average. Even now it seems cheap and should go back over a £1+ now cinemas are open. Today I put some into SYME as a pure gamble as GGP and CINE are performing very well.
  11. It’s coming along nicely, 62% up. I put £700 into KEFI last week, that is 16% up so far. It is a risk as their mines are in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as having a not so great track record, but this seems like they have it together.
  12. His channel is a click bait grift for you to use his trading 212 link. Investing for beginners, by a beginner. Fair play to him though, he’s trying to make himself as a youtube personality. Over time he will get a following from other young investors. Maybe it will get young people to think about their money and investing for the future.
  13. I’m staying there next month and will be panning most days. I plan on running my sluice in the rivers in the mountains too while the girlfriend goes running and cycling.
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