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  1. It’s us against them, they openly say it. https://mobile.twitter.com/OrwellNGoode/status/1268549605014282242
  2. Correct, it’s not a grift if it’s your money. Jolyon Maugham is great at this. He gets the pro EU twitter mob to pay for his billable hours.
  3. I am excited by Greatland gold. It’s still worth getting into at 9p, they will more than likely get bought out by Newcrest at around 35p. Look into the reports and results for their Havieron claim. Newcrest mining are funding the exploration for a percentage share of the claim. The drilling results from Newcrest are great, Greatland will release a further update in a few weeks. Greatland also own other claims in the Paterson region in Oz. Scallywag is next to Havieron and could be just as good.
  4. Things are looking very good for Greatland Gold, the results coming out of havieron have been great. Newcrest may buy them out or at least their share of the mine and they still have other sites near by.
  5. I’ve invested in Greatland gold, things are going well for them.. The drill results by Newcrest at the Havieron lease are looking great so far.
  6. I’m sure the long term holders wish you nothing but bad luck. 😂 They released their results yesterday which were pretty strong and the mining operations are unaffected by the covid-19. Not sure they will be having too much bad news to lower the price, unless the parasites plan to attack.
  7. I’m not sure why there has been a disproportionate amount of minorities contracting Coronavirus in London. https://mobile.twitter.com/CrimeLdn/status/1250783029422886912 I like how London met police twitter asks of this has been reported, maybe ask the police officer in the queue. Meanwhile in Richmond Park I saw a police man move along two runners stretching on a bench, no one around but he got within a foot of them.
  8. When dealing with companies let them know that you are also recording the conversation, and record it if you can. Staying calm does help as any sign of aggression they will use it as an excuse to end the call and fob you off.
  9. Tullow hit 7p while being attacked by Odey and his fellow short sellers. The year is looking good for them as they are hedged at the current low price of oil, upcoming asset sales, rebates from Ugandan government and some profitable grounds.
  10. I have money in Premier oil (1000 shares) and Tullow (4000) Both were targeted by short sellers and the events with oil and the flu. Both are moving back up and my average is around 16p a share. Hopefully the oil cuts will be agreed soon.
  11. It won’t be a wristband, it will be nano tracker in the vaccine. Don’t have the vaccine you can’t leave your house, but you’re not sick, you can’t get benefits so you have to leave the house to work. Tin foil hat stuff but the gov do want us to sign up to virus tracking apps so they know if you’ve been to hot spots or spread it.
  12. I work in broadcasting and i’m no fan of the BBC but I doubt this would be a conspiracy to silence. I’m guessing it was on BBC One, they usually have fixed programming and have to cut to the weather at scheduled time slots. It would've been continuous on bbc news HD and i’d expect them to put a graphic on screen saying go switch channels. They also reported twice that building 7 had collapsed even though it was in the background. A top BBC journo addressed the conspiracies and then goes on to admit they have lost the tapes from the day 🧐 https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007/02/part_of_the_conspiracy.html
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