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  1. I’m staying there next month and will be panning most days. I plan on running my sluice in the rivers in the mountains too while the girlfriend goes running and cycling.
  2. I read this last night as soon as it came out. What was a horse shoe looks like it’s becoming an oval. The new breccia zone with high grade results next to it is exciting as it could double what they thought. There will be a lot of profit takers today, don’t let anyone get your shares cheap.
  3. Correct. The share price forecast from Numis is currently based on a conservative estimate of 5moz of high grade ore at Havieron from 2 results ago. This doesn’t include the breccia zone and the step outs from the last results. I can’t wait to see the results of the drills on the paddysat image you’ve linked, if the high grade zone is increased from the horse shoe then it could be huge. There also could be several smaller mines around the edge. Throw in the copper to cover costs and Newcrests block caving technology to keep costs low. The was stuck at 12p for so long as the market makers were collecting shares for big orders and doing tree shakes every day to trigger stop losses. Now they have let it fly. Numis have stopped their precious metal division so a new trader will be announced at some point. Newcrest and GGP have an investor meeting with JP Morgan in Australia. I can’t see this SP falling, for me the worst case scenario is Newcrest buying GGP out for less than fair value but with them announcing drilling at their claims next door that will increase the value and show they are more than a one claim exploration company. Newcrest need Havieron and all parties know this. I got in at 5p, averaged up to 8.4p, 76% up now. I’m hoping for 44p, that’s a big bar of gold, plenty of savings and a house deposit. Anything above that and I’ll be able to fund my dream 3 years early of getting a claim in Australia to prospect. I’m emotionally invested in this but my other holdings are Tullow oil, Cineworld and Boohoo, all bought in at lows and in profit but the gains won’t be like this. Maybe Tullow if they ever stop being attacked by shorts and get market confidence back.
  4. It seems both didn’t have the drilling technology or the patience. Newcrest also only targeted certain areas and missed out on a lot of what now have become top tier finds.
  5. https://youtu.be/vubsc3oIdJk this is the CEO of Newcrest talking at a mining conference back in May. From 9mins he answers some questions on Haverion which should give an idea how serious they are. The mine has been fully funded already via bonds. Greatland start drilling their 100% owned claims in the Paterson next month which will add more value to the share price.
  6. It’s a massive scam. Watch Planet of the Humans.
  7. Maybe the stock isn’t for you if you are fearful of holding for a while. I mentioned the 70% and extra 5% at fair value a few posts back. Newcrest are paying for the drilling for the joint venture so Greatland won’t pay for anything until the mine construction. Also remember Greatland own several claims next to Haverion. If you are watching videos from back in 2017/18, that’s before Newcrest got involved with the joint venture (April 2019) when it was their own drill results so they would hype their findings. It’s all in the RNS so you can see the timeline of GGP along with the drill results.
  8. I remember reading this when I got in at 5.5p and it was considered very conservative, it only includes the drill results not the breccia zones. They have released two more drill results since then, every six weeks. The latest included new step outs at 200m but not 800m yet, as seen on the satellite images, potentially extending the mine size. This investor has a good summary that you may find useful, it’s still conservative but is more up to date. https://mobile.twitter.com/ValueAimTrader/status/1273163127690080264 Here are the RNS that GGP have released including drill results. https://www.lse.co.uk/rns/GGP/ Two interviews with the CEO of GGP https://youtu.be/w0CXUkQXyWE https://youtu.be/NLBEf9ij-aU If you have 30mins to listen to high level geology this will give a good understanding of the Paterson region. GGP own several claims here which are bigger magnetic anomaly’s than Haverion. This is where the extra value comes in over time. I stopped reading the news in April and replaced it with this. If it gets to 35p - 44p it won’t be life changing, like the people who got in at half a pence, but it will make things easier.
  9. I think Newcrest will buy out Haverion rather than GGP outright. After full exploration they will own 70% with the option to buy 5% at fair market value. That 5% alone will pay for Greatlands drilling at the other claims next door which are on the same fault lines and larger in size. These will be processed at Telfer so no need to build an ore processing site. Newcrest own 100% of all their mines so I would think they would want the same here. I hope GGP keep 25% and grow into miners rather than exploration. Either way it’s exciting and should put a few gold bars in my pocket.
  10. Whilst I understand what you are doing looking at trend lines, I was dismissive of your post as your analysis is focusing on a small part whilst missing the bigger picture, the gold in the ground, the drill results and claims in the Paterson region. It’s not a share that is day traded as the drops aren’t that low. Buy in at the still low price and hold till Haverion gets bought out and a special divi is paid, bought out fully by Newcrest or sell when drill results from their other claims come out. This twitter account gives good info on GGP and should give a good idea of the size of the haverion claim and the work Newcrest are doing before they release the MRE. https://mobile.twitter.com/paddygall1/status/1275708609171726336 I mentioned them back in April when the share price was 8p, my average is 8.2p. If you want I can compile some info/videos regarding GGP/Newcrest and Haverion to understand the investment. Newcrest raised 1.5b in bonds to fully fund the decline, to me that’s how serious it is.
  11. It’s in pence not pound, currently at 12.2p. For all your analysis of lines on a screen you fail to actually look at the company, understand what it is and where they are going. It’s an exploration company. The share price was low and stagnant for so long due to not having claims of significance. Now they have and the price is rising. The price over the last month has stayed around 12p due to long term investors top slicing and making their investment back. The market makers were also keeping the share price low to fill some big orders, like Sprott who have included them in their junior miners etf. The current valuation from Numis is very conservative, they haven’t included the latest drill results or even included the mineralised breccia zones. Greatland gold isn’t a share to day trade, you buy and hold until Haverion gets bought out by Newcrest. Soon they will start drilling their Black hill claims next to Haverion. From today they are in the Aim 100. Put some money in and wait, I started buying them in April, now I’m 46% up. I’ve only been trading since Feb but have gained a lot of knowledge from posters, especially @vand two threads.
  12. See the videos I posted above. If that was the other way round it would be shown around the world. Boris has thrown his voter base under the bus to signal to people that he isn’t racist but they will still call him it. He called the people who attended racists without any evidence apart from them being white working class. All week the press were calling them racist/far right giving the BLM thugs, who have no agency, an excuse for violence. Khan gave them a free pass and the met police as always go in heavy handed in riot gear as opposed to running away like last week. Once it’s over the press only show the narrative they are setting while running cover and justifying the racist attacks on whites. Unfortunately the Tommytards and FLA fell for the trap, they should’ve stayed at home. They were used to switch the narrative of last weeks BLM riots which have now been memory holed.
  13. More footage not being shown by the msm. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1271874013845811200 again attack as a pack, hit from behind and run in to stomp when on the ground. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1271857271522410496
  14. All he had to do was agree to letting them steal his hat.
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