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  1. Auragentum still have 20 in stock at 49.90e
  2. Just ordered 3 myself for 50e each and 19e postage.i was only going to get the one but the postage kills me paying 19e so tripled up to make it worthwhile.
  3. Hi everyone I bought this bar of gold about 6 years ago and I've had it in storage since.ive recently taken it out to have a look and I've noticed some kind of spotting or tarnish on the reverse of the bar.i bought it from a reputable dealer and I've run the neo magnet over it with no issues.ive been lead to believe that gold should always look perfect as it's pure.i don't want to cut the packaging open in case it's just a false alarm. Any ideas on what it could be are welcomed to possibly ease my notion that it's a dud. Thank you in advance
  4. Chill man.still too early to say if you've been scammed.if you ain't received it after a couple of weeks then I'd be worried.postal services around the world are stretched to their limits so everything is delayed.i hope it does arrive pal.
  5. If I was lucky enough to have vault I wouldn't be advertising it. Just saying ☺️
  6. For me as an Irish buyer from European mint in the past I personally feel that since they stopped doing storage they have lost a small fortune in orders that I would've put with them but went elsewhere as their postage is too expensive for a single order of between 100/200 euro.they are very competitive but when you factor in the pnp it's not worth it.there are other dealers that may charge more for the coin but less in pnp. It was a bad move in my opinion to remove the storage option and I'm sure I'm one of many in the same boat.
  7. Hi. I was reading earlier here about a chap who had to pay 120pounds to the delivery guy to get his coins.have a look around you'll find the thread
  8. Hi I've just received an order Friday from eldorado coins which is probably my 3rd or 4th order from them.theres never any issues and I'll purchase from them again.
  9. Just curious but would cardboard mailing tubes be any use to store coin?
  10. I see the next coin from the giants of the ice age series will be the bear due out in October
  11. Mine just converts automatically 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. Anybody ever bought from silbertresor.de? Reputable company? Thanks in advance for replies.
  13. Never heard of them either
  14. EMK.com have the coins coming soon.a german website I believe.
  15. They are probably only releasing a hand full of their coins at a time and each time they release they can up the premium a little bit more.just keep watching.
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