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  1. I see the next coin from the giants of the ice age series will be the bear due out in October
  2. I'm in Ireland....I've ordered 3 so happy enough.thanks
  3. Pity it's only being delivered within Germany.she's a beaut.
  4. Mine just converts automatically 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Anybody ever bought from silbertresor.de? Reputable company? Thanks in advance for replies.
  6. Never heard of them either
  7. EMK.com have the coins coming soon.a german website I believe.
  8. They are probably only releasing a hand full of their coins at a time and each time they release they can up the premium a little bit more.just keep watching.
  9. Gs.be have both coins on future release.no price as of yet.they look fantastic.
  10. I've seen another site selling the 7th issue with over 51 in stock but postage is a killer but don't want to miss out on a complete collection so might have to bite the bullet. Cheers
  11. So they haven't been sold on GS.be yet you reckon? I've a couple of those water dragon coins in storage.id like to get the last two in the set before delivery.
  12. Can anybody tell me if gs.be sold the 7th issue?I've been looking for a while and although I've seen it on sale elsewhere I haven't seen it on sale at gs.be.maybe I missed it😴
  13. Just got two of these beauts delivered from Eldorado.de for €26 each.im not sure if it's the 5th or maybe 6th issue but I could be wrong.
  14. On sale at European mint for a whopping €39.95.just the one will do at that price to continue the series....pity.
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