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  1. Same place for me. To risky from https://www.akariat.com/ as it's new and unproven šŸ˜²
  2. Another few tubes of 2020 silver Brits and 100 x 1gram silver combi bars šŸ‘
  3. Mine got delivered yesterday, you're right about hard to turn a profit but I just liked the product šŸ˜€
  4. Finally arrived after nearly 2 weeks, 1 gram Brexit Ingots šŸ‘
  5. https://auragentum.de/1-unze-silbermuenze-britannia-2020
  6. I was searching the the best price on 1g silver bar - combination bars, when I came across the site https://www.akariat.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=95568. My smellometer was off the chart a little bit, so I thought I'd get some second opinions.
  7. Anyone know anything about this site https://www.akariat.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1152_1153_1176 ? Prices are way too good to be true. Something smells šŸ’©
  8. A couple of items arrived today, ones a bit of a novelty I picked up on eBay šŸ‘
  9. 4 Scottsdale Lion Head In Omnia Paratus 1 Troy Oz 999 Fine Silver Round. Still sealed in original packaging (see photo's). Ā£25.50 for 1 Ā£24.75 for all 4 Posts to UK only, buyer pays/chooses postal method. If you are local to Worsley, Manchester, you can collect. Bank transfer or PPFF only. Thanks for looking
  10. For a silver coin/round, you're lucky to get any single coin for much under 20% without the shipping imo.
  11. Iā€™m not shouting anyone down, merely pointing out a good deal. The silver content of the coin and the current spot price being Ā£21.02, makes the silver value Ā£19.67. With the price of the coin at Ā£19.99, that puts it just 1.6% above spot.
  12. Coin weight 31.47grams @ .925 silver is equal to 29.11grams of pure Silver or .999 šŸ‘
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vanuatu-1994-Silver-Proof-50-Vatu-Coin-Queen-Victoria-with-COA-Card/254375797174?hash=item3b39faa1b6:g:uJEAAOSwzwxdkyms Contains 29.11grams of 99.99 silver, which would be about 2.5% above spot. Postage is quite cheap at Ā£2.99. I already own one, otherwise I would have dabbled.
  14. If the shtf, I believe the physical price premium will be massively different to any paper contract pricing!!!
  15. Welcome to TSF, some nice pieces šŸ‘
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