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  1. So basically is the word on the street sell or hang on. I’ve got £12k of gold and want to know my best strategy.
  2. 89A96508-3C0E-4CBB-9F6A-B0B9B2B7649D.MOV
  3. It’s a Victoria 1864 penny plain trident. How much can I expect to sell for?
  4. If it’s just a bullion sovereign then I use Town talks gold polishing cloth. Just a quick rub and you can see the black residue of the coin on the cloth. Brings it up nicely and it’s used by jewellers. Never wash it though. They are cheap so just buy another once. Should be good for 20 sovs or so.
  5. You are right and I am normally Atkinson or ATS however 2 days ago they weren’t showing the 2019 in stock and I was eager so went with BBP.
  6. You won’t as I will be posting my capsuled Panda sometime today which will prompt you to do the same. 😂😂
  7. There’s nothing better than knowing some gold will be arriving in the post. Took delivery of a really cute 2019 Gold Panda. It’s a lovely portrait of mother holding its cub and I think this one will go on to become a classic. BBP also provided a capsule as if to tempt me even further to remove it from the sacred must not open at all costs sealed plastic envelope. I am sorely tempted though. Even if I lost money and remember I buy not for investment but purely from the love of gold, I think it looks so much nicer laying alongside the other coins which are also in capsules.
  8. I am by no means stupid but could someone explain to me spot and the percentages ie if gold is £1006 at that particular time and I buy a Panda at say £1059 then how much have I paid over spot? Thanks in advance Matty
  9. Pragmatist

    Ting test

    Are there any decent ting test apps for the iPhone? I saw a YouTube video with someone using one on an android phone and it looked pretty good.
  10. Hate new sovs, just too shiny and if they put any more copper in it....grrrrr. Give me a nice young head or jubilee head any day.
  11. That is a superb set, plastic or no plastic.
  12. The general opinion seems to be hold and I would agree with that. There has never been a better time to have gold than now. Interesting times lay ahead as we are unsure of what Brexit will bring to the economy. Could go either way but I’m betting gold will steadily rise over the next 3-4 years. Keep stacking and grabbing those bargains.
  13. I’m a different beast in that I buy purely as a hobby because I like looking at my collection grow. I’ve always had various hobbies with some of it costing a fortune due to equipment needed which has very little resale value. With this hobby I’m at least nearly getting my money back if not a little more. It’s a win win for an ex hobby fanatic.
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