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  1. Well, I'm in similar boat like you, but mine is traveling in opposite direction. Want to know what happens with goods imported from UK to EU. Yes, they all talk about tax free trade, but no one mentions anything about VAT. UK will be treated as third party country for EU with the exception of customs tax. Right now when importing something coming from outside the EU you have to pay VAT if value of the goods is more than 15 EUR and pay customs tax if more than 150 EUR value (that's applicable to EU member state Bulgaria). I do expect customs tax to be 0, as they are announcing tax free trade, however I do expect VAT to be added to imported goods.
  2. Thanks, good to know.
  3. @Joemm if a police officer stops you on the street and asks for your ID, what will you provide?
  4. That's not Russian! It's written in BULGARIAN!
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