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  1. Hi, you should check out www.concealmentfurniture.co.uk. Great solution to safely storing your goodies .
  2. For sale is this Bedside Cabinet / Lamp Table. The Secret Agent can be used as a bedside cabinet in the bedroom or as a lamp table in the living area. The Secret Agent is of heirloom quality that has been built to last for generations. Unit is made from solid oak throughout. Whether you want to secure your precious metals, jewellery, IT gadgets, cash or any other secrets, the Secret Agent provides quick and easy access and gives you that little extra piece of mind extra piece of mind. This unit is priced at £688 but I am offering at a special price of £600 to Silver Forum members. More information and pics at available at http://www.concealmentfurniture.co.uk
  3. You should checkout http://www.concealmentfurniture.co.uk A great alternative to safes and safety deposit boxes.
  4. Hi, sorry to hear this. Last year I placed an order with GS.BE and when I looked at my account with them it stated that the parcel had been delivered. I had not received the package. I waited another 3 days, and my missus suggested I ask some of our neighbours if they had taken delivery of my package. One neighbour had indeed taken delivery and sat on it for a few days waiting for me to come and collect! It may be a long shot but try your neighbours. Hope things work out for you.
  5. If you want it - buy it, look to the long term rather than the short term and enjoy your collection.
  6. Thanks @Serendipity wasn't aware 1/4oz gold White Lion was available, not easy keeping up-to-date with Queens Beast releases
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