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  1. freefall

    Gold confiscated

    The UKs income tax system is geared towards taking money off the masses and not the rich. The 0, 20, 40, and 45% tax bands seem somewhat fair until you factor in national insurance. National insurance is 0% upto 10k, 12% from 10k to 50k and 2% from 50k upwards. National insurance is a regressive tax which offsets the progressive income tax. The annual revenue from national insurance is more than double corporation tax. People on high salaries also put a lot in to pensions to avoid paying tax which isn’t a luxury afforded to people on lower incomes. Another big ticket item on everyone’s monthly outgoings is council tax. Which is based on the values of homes in 1991! How ridiculous is that. Why haven’t homes been re-banded in 30 years? Hmmm. And if you’ve really got money you can avoid all of this and a lot more altogether. I’m no lefty by any means but the UKs tax system is not fair and certainly nothing close to socialist.
  2. Copper and gold are the only two elemental metals out of 84 that aren’t silver or grey.
  3. Glad all is well in the end. Cant believe you have been melting metal in your sitting room though! 🤣 Always thought people done this kind of stuff in a garage etc. Love it!
  4. This feels like the next big move up.
  5. I think it's because when asked about negative interest rates, the Bank of England representatives have been coy and refused to rule them out. From what little I know this seems to be really bad for banks trying to make a profit.
  6. Gold and Uranium about the same density. Just label your package as Uranium and it you will have no problem.
  7. That's not always true. Sugar, pepper and Aluminium to name but a few commodities that were at one point very expensive but are now cheap and widely available. With regards to silver. I think one of the factors keeping the price down is it's often a by-product of say a nickel, gold or copper mines primary output. So one would have to presume if there was broad downturn in the demand for commodity metals like during a global recession the silver supply would decrease rapidly. The question is does the fall in demand for silver in industrial use fall as fast as the supply does? If not I would expect prices to rise.
  8. I'm pretty sure the virus is real and is has the potential to do significant harm or at least its not well enough understood to discount it. I just can't imagine the Chinese, Americans, Iranians, Brazilians and every other country in the world acting in unison on anything, let alone a plan to deceive the public. However the source of the virus and methods used to combat it are questionable and could be open to abuse.
  9. Unfortunately everyone, whether they like to admit it or not has to abide by some of the rules or at the very least engage with the society created by the majority following them.
  10. Obviously its difficult to get silver at the spot price. But you should aim to get it as near as. I bought all my all my silver (1oz britania's, maples and kangaroos) at roughly 20-25% over spot from Europe. Buying the same now would incur a much higher premium. I bought in bulk before the rush which is an easy thing to say in hindsight I know. I wouldn't buy any right now due to the uphill battle in recovering the current premium.
  11. Black vs white, men vs women, Christian vs Muslim. The masses have become divided, distracted, indebted and ultimately obedient. Don't play the game. There are only two groups. Those who make the rules and those who obey them.
  12. It could be that in the near future some of the guys ruing their decision to buy silver will be wishing they'd bought more. Buying anything with a high premium over its market value is going to result in diminished gains or even a significant loss. So buy cheap and if the initial reasons why you invested are still valid then hold on in there.
  13. When Facebook and Google removed the racists and bigots I did not speak out because I am not a racist, when they removed the conspiracy theorists I did not speak out because I was not a conspiracy theorist, when they removed the "fake news" I did not speak out because I did not believe the "fake news", now they've removed me, there is nobody left to speak out.
  14. I think its more likely we will see an east-west split. One sphere of influence for America and one for China. With different monetary systems.
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