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  1. you have to bear in mind, that most of the population has only a vague idea of what gold and silver are worth. if you try and barter for a car with two or three shiny coins, you may be hard pressed to convince them that it is a good deal. especially if cash has vanished , it will feel like a dodgy trade to them. maybe by the time it happens they will have educated themselves, but i seriously doubt it.
  2. everything has a market value, what it is worth in fiat what we are talking about here is a Black Market value you couldn't use your silver or gold to buy items without entering the system but, you could still buy black market items using it drugs, weapons, illicit baccy, thing that " fall off the back of a waggon" as long as someone else further down the line is happy to re-enter the system ( or launder the proceeds) its not a problem you are just limited in what you can purchase. but then again, there isn't much you CAN"T get under the counter these days
  3. I heard there will not be any more King Charles? bit of a tainted name?
  4. I had to sell mid covid to keep the business going no grants or other eligibility , and self employed It really hurts to sell proof sovs for less than spot because you need money fast lessons learnt, even if you think you have enough cash for a rainy day, DOUBLE IT! only stack what you are happy to sell, gold has low nutritional value sterling silver coins do not sell well , its easier to sell .500 old coins than commemorative crowns being philosophical about it , I DID put money into gold and silver for just such emergency's, or old age , whichever came first so even though it was painful, it got me out of the sh*t bear in mind that if the brown stuff hits the fan, it all happens fast so you may not have the luxury of taking the time to advertise it and sell private, or in bulk, without taking a hit at a dealer
  5. EBay is opening a testing lab in the UK Any wristwatch selling for more than £2000 MUST be sent to be verified genuine, then sent on to the customer seems the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippes have been bending their ear! if only the Royal mint, etc would kick up a fuss too. Maybe @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer or others with expertise would like a lucrative job acting as inspectors for them i would prefer the bar to be lowered a little to encompass sovereigns maybe? or is it too much to expect ebay to clean its act up?
  6. you might want to update this part!!!!!! look at the price now, with a day to go
  7. and if you liked the story about the clock... try this one about a f*ke £50 "error" note New 50 pound polymer bank note a genuine 50 pound polymer has the picture MISSING from the window I got this at the post office a man got 1000 pound in 50 pound notes and I was behind him waiting he counted them and then again he said some was damaged and wanted them changing the postmaster said to take them to the bank to change them . The man wasn't happy and continued to argue I was still waiting the man said the postmaster can send them and to change them to better ones he had so he reluctantly did when I got to the counter I posted my parcel and asked if I could look at one of them and what he will do with them send them back as damaged currency he said I asked for This one I've never had a fifty pound note before. but he said I can. not for free of course I simply changed it 50 for 50 it is sold as seen I know it's a genuine 50 because the postmaster checked them for the man who got them and then kicked off at the postmaster I have kept it in crisp condition there are no folds or creases it's brand new I have listed it to see if anyone collects them THE polymer has nothing in the window the holograms are there and the queens head but that's it.. you could basically sit this over any pic. even of yourself and your on a 50 pound note I will package it well
  8. check out the feedback for this seller seems they "find" an astonishing amount of "error" coins and bank notes shame they do not recognise how rare and valuable these coins could be! maybe someone should tell them?
  9. i am not sure , but i seem to recall reading that it is an offence to POST fake goods? sending fake coins through royal mail may land you in trouble?
  10. they do look kinda chunky i would be very temped to put one in a vise , and give it a few cracks with a very sharp chisel a bit of random violence can work wonders you know
  11. followed no doubt by " i grow on you"
  12. its the fungible bit that always worried me! you can have strange experiences with fungi
  13. hi can i ask about longevity and maintenance? I can see there are not a lot of moving parts, but the pivot point has a bearing? is this sealed for life? does it need regular oiling? and can replacement parts be fitted if needed? either by the owner or do you offer a repair service? I am happy to bash wheel bearings out of cars and motorcycles etc, but i imagine these are a little delicate I imagine all the parts have a very long lifespan, however i would not be happy with the inbuilt obsolescence that new products seem to have Very interested in this though, would love to get one of the first ones
  14. keep popping round for tea and biscuits tell her they are wonderful you might get a surprise in her will
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