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  1. you said to use lubricant, right? all joking aside, its a good idea to look at testing machinery from other industries, to try and find something to re-purpose for gold or silver collectors It always seemed strange that sigma could make a machine for it, and not have the market instantly flooded by copies from an Eastern source. surely it could be reversed engineered? are there no spotty faced tech nerds posting youtube videos on how to make a tester out of a broken microwave? or maybe there is some cheap ex-lab equipment we should look out for on auction sites
  2. i,m sure i read somewhere that silver ( when it is molten) can absorb up to ten times its volume of oxygen could the fact you are melting it with an oxy torch mean you are introducing too much gas into the molton silver? causing the eruptions? just a thought
  3. if you are limited to small purchases, have you considered silver flatware? its not glamorous , but as a way of getting the most silver for your money its hard to beat. no premiums to pay and can be found under spot price quite often
  4. this has happened in the past with gold. the powers that be have outlawed holding gold for the common person not sure it would or could happen for silver
  5. back to tin again I asked my local scrap merchant and he said he would buy pewter, but needed a sample as early forms had lead, i think it is also in non food items like candlesticks he wouldnt even quote a price till he saw some has anyone received a reliable price ? or a way to tell if its lead free without an expensive testing gun? as for removing the adulterants to get pure tin i think its either toxic chemicals or cuperation
  6. it was the "sprit" that confused me, for all of two mins though
  7. the missus managed to get a sterling silver jubilee crown for £10 at bardsley rugby car boot in oldham. the chap was selling 50p pieces at inflated prices because they were "collectable", but missed the silver 🙂
  8. or like lister would say its just SMEG
  9. very true try selling them a numismatic coin, and see how may fish you get for it rare coins are, to a certain degree, only worth something in a localised way a large part of the world wouldn't give a fig about your low mintage piece of silver except maybe AS a piece of silver
  10. looks good did they sell the older model anywhere in the UK?
  11. Why stop at a woman? why not non binary and modernise it a little how about something motorized instead of a horse? how about.........grayson perry!
  12. be aware that if you DO go on to managed payment system with Ebay You cannot sell certain items, like BULLION,COINS, and certain other categories such as vehicles and adult toys! not sure if this is a temporary thing or not?
  13. Try not to get caught out by the weight of "royal" coins they look around an ounce size, but most are 28.28g But be careful as some from other mints may differ to work out silver content, weight x proof for example; 28.28 x .925 = 21.26g of silver
  14. Excellent detective work.👍 By a strange coincidence , i have been to the Netherlands to meet a motorcycle club from Utrecht Not in 1927 i must stress!
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