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  1. or like lister would say its just SMEG
  2. very true try selling them a numismatic coin, and see how may fish you get for it rare coins are, to a certain degree, only worth something in a localised way a large part of the world wouldn't give a fig about your low mintage piece of silver except maybe AS a piece of silver
  3. looks good did they sell the older model anywhere in the UK?
  4. Why stop at a woman? why not non binary and modernise it a little how about something motorized instead of a horse? how about.........grayson perry!
  5. be aware that if you DO go on to managed payment system with Ebay You cannot sell certain items, like BULLION,COINS, and certain other categories such as vehicles and adult toys! not sure if this is a temporary thing or not?
  6. Try not to get caught out by the weight of "royal" coins they look around an ounce size, but most are 28.28g But be careful as some from other mints may differ to work out silver content, weight x proof for example; 28.28 x .925 = 21.26g of silver
  7. Excellent detective work.👍 By a strange coincidence , i have been to the Netherlands to meet a motorcycle club from Utrecht Not in 1927 i must stress!
  8. Have a look at the top for evidence of where the ribbon was, like remains of a loop.
  9. couldn't get the other file to load also " rit " seems to mean ride?
  10. Maybe Bavarian racing medal? found an early Bavarian emblem looks similar, Maybe a nearby state? bav.jfif
  11. This is the site i took the information from Franklin Mint Michelangelo's Genius Medals (franklin-mint-silver.com) there are several other sites concerned with these collectables
  12. If you are missing any and wanted to try and complete the collection I would be willing to help, i would exchange weight for weight i'm a manc too
  13. Franklin mint tends to issue in large numbers 60 medals in this set issued 1970-76 I would suggest few of their "collectables" really are worth collecting except for their silver value
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