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  1. i believe the updated version may be due soon? i assumed this was the reason for out of stock, but may be wrong
  2. auctioneers seem to be exempt from most consumer laws including fakes and forgery issues they sell out of date and dangerous goods too a local auctioneer had a pallet of out of date milk for sale!?
  3. hi there i believe they were available in silver ( the silver jubilee coin) but it is in proof finish. yours looks like the cupro nickle version not much value i am afraid
  4. sounds complicated couldn't they just roll it😀
  5. address seems to be a rentable office space according to google maps does not show a shop window, just multi office spaces total stock value held was less than 60k for 2019 does not seem much for a dealer It might be my info is a little out of date?
  6. This came with some lucky dip sovereigns today I believe it is a long tail variety, but am happy to be corrected a few edge dings but otherwise nice
  7. What am i missing folks? is there a huge premium by adding a little loop to a piece of gold and calling it a necklace? this perth mint 1oz bar went for £2400 plus 20 percent fees Even if the bar was collectable , they surely ruined the premium by welding an 18 karat loop to it? thoughts?
  8. I still collect scrap copper too started as a youth , smashing the back of cathode ray tubes to get the coils ( anyone remember big TV sets?) use to weight it in to buy petrol for my scrambler
  9. do you really want to go back to normal? I live on the edge of a city , under a flight path fear and infection aside, it has been so much nicer recently the skies are quiet , so are the roads maybe its just the good weather too , but I am not sure I want to go back to the way we used to live I LIKE not having to work all the time I LIKE hearing all the birds and other animals I LIKE quieter roads , less polution my god, I think I am turning into a hippy I know we have a lot of horror yet to come , and other threads are talking about this but
  10. and that cheeky sod sunak kept hinting that the self employed were earning MORE in this crisis CHEEKY MOTHER******! i'm fuming
  11. GREAT been self employed for a year, no profit to speak of as start up costs ate it all so what do I get? 80 % of jack s**t !
  12. I joined the Federation of Small Businesses last month they have sent out a large email giving some advice to self employed my wife is reading through it at the moment , seems you may be entitled to housing benefit if you are on Universal Credit too I don't have the full details as she is still reading it but they have a website
  13. if you buy it, give it a good going over. something to bear in mind is that vehicles LIKE to be run up to operating temperature 30 miles may not be enough water can accumulate in the exhaust causing corrosion all those breather tubes etc get emulsified and blocked its not a big deal, just be aware best of luck , could be a bargain
  14. I haven't found anywhere to buy below spot HOWEVER. I did find a half sov and a full sov in proof for spot some places sell at the same price regardless
  15. some of the sanest people I know are those collecting PM's and they are hoping for two ars*****s to succeed so metal prices go up! not sure how I feel about that
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