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  1. I like sovereigns , But prefer 24ct I only wish they made sovs in 24ct then i would not have the difficult choice
  2. doesn't help i'm afraid due to covid , signed for items are left on doorstep and signed by the postman as delivered they then vanish
  3. That an interesting way to do it must be a bit of a juggle keeping it molten whilst getting the mould hot at the same time Maybe build three sides with fire brick to keep it all hotter may help? Good start though 😁
  4. That's excellent! well done care to tell us how you do it? type or furnace , technique etc i want to learn all i can before i also try cheers
  5. Sorry, my mistake, need better reading glasses the bottom of the "y" looked like a blob. the line between the inner out outer looks different on the two images, its just the camera angle, but looked badly fitted with an undulating rim but if it is a royal mint trial piece, its not surprising be good to see what they say in the end
  6. In my opinion, special delivery on its own will not fully protect you. and sending a larger amount at once both increases the risk and is more tempting to scammers claiming an item is faulty or not as described triggers an automatic Ebay response they will issue a postage label to the buyer to post back to you (that they bill you for) you could receive an empty package in return, but as it is tracked and delivered, you must refund. you will have paid the scammers to steal your silver (and paid the postage too!) If you must sell on ebay, sell one piece at a time, l
  7. There is a thread on the "british coin forum" regarding trial coins similar to this they ( the royal mint) ordered ebay to remove the items as they are not allowed to be sold this was October 2016 it was a different trial piece, but this may explain why there are none around to compare However, the centre looks to me like it has been unevenly trimmed to fit the hole, with remains of a rim on rhs top and an odd looking bit around 11 o,clock
  8. I have a business account on ebay, However i dont sell pm's on there except some 925 lots of "item not received " fraud Just a personal opinion, but i would feel safer selling on here
  9. I will be looking for cheap 999 soon to melt haven't finished the furnace yet though stackers don't care too much what it looks like as long as the price is right
  10. Folk will buy anything if the price is right for a fast sale , as close to spot as you dare will ensure a quick sale for the best price , an auction will let the market decide, but takes longer best of luck
  11. Ok, thanks looks like i was unduly worried thought it might cool too much on its way to the surface of the mould if it wasn't hot enough didnt want a lump/layered bar I keep overthinking things need to get pouring and learn as i go along great videos BTW
  12. Take it out of the plastic to test? its not sealed, its only a flip its not proof so you shouldn't damage it with a magnet as it is in a bank issue flip, chances are it is not silver. sorry
  13. But if you didn't think it would rise in the future ( at least to keep up with inflation ) you would not have bought any Right?
  14. Does anyone have a recommendation for a temperature gun for reading the molten silver? the cheap forehead type ones do not seem to go high enough and the high reading ones i have found are mega expensive can anyone point me in the right direction? just starting to get the tools needed to have a go at pouring some silver thanks in advance
  15. yup 925 acts like pure silver ,slow slide at 45 degree cupronickel falls straight off you cannot confuse the two
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