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  1. they do look kinda chunky i would be very temped to put one in a vise , and give it a few cracks with a very sharp chisel a bit of random violence can work wonders you know
  2. followed no doubt by " i grow on you"
  3. its the fungible bit that always worried me! you can have strange experiences with fungi
  4. I have for sale the full collection of The international Banks of the world Ingot collection A stunning collection cased in large wood box, 2 foot wide makes a wonderful display comes with paperwork and original packing all seem in excellent condition 50 ingots of .925 sterling silver , each 40g proof finish, total 2kg of sterling = 1850 silver asking £1295.00 post to UK, or arrange collection within greater manchester, sent insured SD included bank transfer or cash on collection sorry , cannot post outside UK i post every working day
  5. hi can i ask about longevity and maintenance? I can see there are not a lot of moving parts, but the pivot point has a bearing? is this sealed for life? does it need regular oiling? and can replacement parts be fitted if needed? either by the owner or do you offer a repair service? I am happy to bash wheel bearings out of cars and motorcycles etc, but i imagine these are a little delicate I imagine all the parts have a very long lifespan, however i would not be happy with the inbuilt obsolescence that new products seem to have Very interested in this though, would love to get one of the first ones
  6. keep popping round for tea and biscuits tell her they are wonderful you might get a surprise in her will
  7. i think its the same coin in the images. dints in the rim match as does a small scratch behind the nostril damn! you posted as i was typing
  8. he might be scared of the result if he had it cut
  9. hope so, as i have the same set tucked away but i feel i may be urinating into the wind
  10. i agree, someone wishing on a prayer
  11. if you like spongebob, and have deep pockets there are some rare silver sets available SpongeBob 1oz Silver Bullion Four Coin Set | Extremely Rare 1 of 76 | NIB #01444 | eBay
  12. there is a quite realistic gold paint used in the stonemasonry trade used to simulate gold leaf its water based, fast dry. just follow the direction exactly google stonemason supply stores you could also use real 23 1/2 carat gold leaf to gild the surface of your chosen facsimile might be easier than gold plating
  13. I wonder if they could get close to density match with a technical resin? something like "chemical metal" or "milliput" with added lead or tungsten? easy to mold , just have to solve the gold or silver plating.
  14. i would do specific gravity test these type of bars can be copper i i hear, ( but have not confirmed myself ) that copper May pass the magnet slide test?
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