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  1. Looks normal to me. I have some like that although usually older ones like this 1979
  2. Elements

    Sovereign values

    Condition is important as well as rarity. Probably need some high res photos to estimate whether some could be valued higher than bullion value.
  3. Yes could be. Also could simply be a status symbol, ie having London as HQ. If that mindset holds I don’t expect much to change in terms of business location. If things do ever go back to ‘normal’ though I also wonder how long remote working will last, a lot can be done at home but personally I kind of prefer face to face meetings. Will bosses be trusting long term that workers are working? Having said that, physically being in the office doesn’t guarantee you are working either!
  4. Pre-covid, many businesses seemed to be based in London that I never truly understood why they even needed to be there paying the inflated staff salaries and office space. Many examples come to mind but a few might be accountant firms, patent attorneys, marketing...list could go on. Why London? These businesses can and do function anywhere but a higher concentration of such firms are there. If there was no need pre covid, makes me wonder if things really will change or soon go back to the rat race
  5. Deep or ultra cameo are rare designations for the 1911 proof half. This is a 65DCAM
  6. I’d expect the same. However a quick excursion to b and q today and the huge car park was rammed! Trolleys loaded with stuff. Ok I guess everyone including me are filling their time with diy but plenty of spend going on there
  7. Considering how rare they are at any grade I think they often go quite low priced. Maybe because its a G&D its not one immediately desirable?
  8. Elements

    Unfinished collection.

    I kind of think you missed the point of the post. He’s missing the expensive one!
  9. Only £4 above your wanted price, delivery included although only a limit of 1. Beware of the spam mail though! https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4275.html
  10. Elements

    Unfinished collection.

    Unlikely I’ll ever finish the set. @SVcollector has an incredibility nice series of these. Just like @Roy ‘s series, some of the years are nigh on unobtainable for the average guy.
  11. Elements

    Unfinished collection.

    I don’t think there’s many people that would have the financial ability to finish that collection!
  12. Yes or leave it with an admin. Extra work for them though to get involved
  13. A suggestion if I may. A way for a bidder to remain anonymous should they wish but keep transparent, you could post the bids yourself on the thread as and when you get them. Doesn’t get round the potential accusations of bidding it up yourself though (certainly not implying that you would). Be good to have a code within the forum to auto run the auction, something similar to coincabinets auctions.
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