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  1. I’ll revisit a forum feature suggestion I made a while ago to Chris. We both couldn’t figure out a way for it to work but my idea was based on the SETS system used in share trading. People could submit their prices to buy or sell and it would enter on the system. For example at a particular time say the spread was 25/26 meaning someone was willing to buy at 25 and someone willing to sell at 26, someone else comes along wanting to buy, they could either hit the ask and pay 26 or enter the price they want to buy and their order would go on the bid, if higher than 25, say 25.5 then the order goe
  2. @Bigmarc I’ve read a few comments from people on there. Some say the algos scout listings for certain words. Try and just post a photo with name and date next to the item and then comment on your own post with the price and details. Should work then
  3. I tried holding paper silver. I just can’t do it. With physical, you buy, the £s leave your account and yes maybe pay attention for a few days rueing the fact probably could have got another coin or two if only I’d waited until slapdown Tuesday. But then you forget the price in £ and you see them as oz for the pile. With paper all I could do is be glued to the screen seeing £’s on a screen going up and down, getting no work done then panic sell on a tick down since it’s so volatile. I don’t do that with shares. Maybe miners as you suggest is the way to go
  4. I think they’ve just become inactive or don’t update their website anymore. Another thread here
  5. I thought I’d wait it out see if they get the message that I wasn’t interested. My will broke after about a year and simi,are piles as those shown above, so I phoned to tell them to stop. They said I’ll receive a couple more since it’s an automated system and those in the process will be in the way. Another 4 or so months later the number hadn’t relented so then emailed so there was written proof. Again they kept coming faster than I could burn on my woodburner stove. Finally they gave in when I wrote on the back of one of their letters sent in the prepaid envelope. Ws it worth getting a
  6. https://plainview.co.uk/news/planning-for-pubs-development-and-change-of-use/
  7. There’s a place near where I used to live took ages to get change of use. Having said that another changed quickly and was converted to 3 homes. I don’t know the ins and outs but that seems something you’d need to look into- the change of use, do you have to prove it’s nit viable? Would think that’s easier to do in this climate!
  8. Wow just wow lot » https://www.biddr.com/auctions/mdcmonaco/browse?a=1285&l=1362546 some other fantastic coins in this auction too
  9. 626 mintage apparently. 26 graded at ngc and 97 at pcgs. I don’t know how he devised the R rating, is it an anecdotal scale like how often he personally came across a coin? @sovereignsteve any idea? I guess there’s a lot just stashed away and very few ever come up for resale. That’s my experience with this particular coin. SP61 is right towards the bottom of those graded.
  10. I recon if you really want one, some patience and you’ll get better for 12k. See what this goes for: One for auction very soon https://en.auction-world.co/xpai/lot_22-2030.html About £7.5k right now
  11. There was an SP63 sold in London coins for 15k also in September . As you say prices all over the place. They come up so rarely
  12. Couple of SP3s have sold this year one at heritage and one at coincabinet for around £8500. 2 grades up sp65 have also been sold for around £16k almost double. Not sure you can apply the same logic 2 grades down halves the value but it’s a reasonable estimate.- 4k ish good starting point.
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