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  1. So.... on the 30th May I posted the above regarding the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board. Today on the BBC the following was reported: Betsi Cadwaladr health board has had coronavirus patients in its critical care on a more regular pattern, the most being 25 on 18 April. The most recent figure shows nine. Which makes me wonder are they mistaken, wrong, incompetent or just plain lying to defend a position that is becoming more indefensible as time goes on?
  2. It is interesting but the figures are meaningless. Nobody has the first clue how many people have the virus or have had it. With so many asymptomatic cases it's impossible to calculate what the numbers are. Interestingly, the Betsi Cadwalader Health Board in North Wales say that the peak is only just being reached there now. Can anyone explain to me how this is possible given Wales has been in a pretty stringent lockdown for 8 weeks?
  3. I’m doing a different job at the moment as my normal duties cannot take place and I’ve been speaking to a lot of older people. The fear is real, I spoke to one lady who would not go outside her house (even to her own garden) for fear of being reported by the next door neighbours. For sure, there are plenty of older people who are going about their normal lives but there are plenty who do not want any contact with the outside world too.
  4. Seems social distancing rules don’t apply to North Wales Police. This tweet now appears to have been deleted:
  5. I agree with most of what you say but the untruths in your postings make it sound more like a rant. There are still a number of coal fired power stations in the UK and likely to be for a few years yet. Also, smart meters do not report your usage on a second by second basis, at most they only report every 30 minutes. As I say, I actually agree with most of what you write but please get the factual parts correct.
  6. Like most other things the mainstream press failed to grasp what actually happened here: In reality the power was off for a very short period of time, I understand it was 9 minutes, as a result of two large generators going off line in a short time scale and the National Grid applying the correct emergency procedures to protect the grid and return supplies to normal in the shortest possible time. The scenario could have happened with any form of generation, if two coal fire stations had gone off line in such a short space of time the outcome would have been the same. Now the bit that
  7. Just ordered another one after the two I ordered earlier in the year. No problems and confirmation email straight away.
  8. 1mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm twin and earth isn't worth stripping but is worth collecting. A decent scrap merchant will still give you over £1 a kilo with the plastic on. Anything over 2.5mm probably is worth stripping if you have the time. The processors have very sophisticated machines for granulating and sorting cable these days. I've even seen one where cable is tipped in to a hopper and copper ingots come out of the other end! DO NOT under any circumstances burn cable off - if you are caught doing it by the Environment Agency (or whatever they are called this week) you face a potentiall
  9. Unexpected pick up today from a local charity shop. Not really a subject close to my heart but 1oz of sterling for £8 can't be bad 🙂
  10. The king's eye seems to be lacking detail on the one on the left, likewise the horses tail doesn't look quite so crisp.
  11. Use the search facility on there and they come up. Search 'falcon'.
  12. Splendid, thanks. Got it! They are certainly well encapsulated.
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