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  1. I grabbed one of the silvers in the end. I had a mini idea that i'd grab a gold until i saw the price!
  2. Nice I am after some cufflinks. Grabbed myself the silver unicorn cufflinks. What guy doesn't love a unicorn
  3. I've bought from Baird's a couple of times. Deposit via card then a bt for the rest. Pretty painless to be honest. Never needed an ID but this has been a single half sov etc
  4. Another one I'll pass. Can't afford to try and keep up with the royal mint
  5. I'm so confused. What happened today? I see 1 Oz silver proof still available?
  6. Maybe a 1kilo gold bar (just because I want to fondle one), a couple of rare collectible sovereigns. Then the rest of standard bullion sovs. Any spare change would go into silver Brits
  7. As much as I love winning I've already won my pressie from bullionaire My prize has yet to be won though
  8. Thanks. Actually after a 2019 coin (keep my mini date run going). They seem to be a little more expensive
  9. Anyone know where the cheapest place to get a 2019 half sovereign? Through my searching it's looking like Baird but has anyone seen any cheaper? My gold itch is driving me crazy. Need at least 1 in 2019
  10. Grabbed my Parcel this afternoon. Big thanks to @Bullionaire only gold i've managed to get my hands on in 2019!
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