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  1. Received my bar today. Big thanks BYB great work as always.
  2. I always get tempted to pump some real money into gold due to poor rates on savings. Just don't have the nerve, let alone trying to sell it. The small amount I do buy is fully intended as an hand me down in the future
  3. Haven't ordered yet. Price for a 2020 seems a little high (was 208). May hold on for abit see if any crop up. Noticed bbp have the 2021 in stock now
  4. Never ordered from UKbullion before. Any issues with them? Rather pay a few more £s to avoid the mass spam from h&b
  5. Anyone seen anywhere with 2020 half sovs in stock? Saw loads before Christmas. Need my 2020 and 2021 half fix (whenever the 2021s are available)
  6. In that presentation. Really not sure if I can bring myself to buy another 50p at the moment
  7. Just had this email https://www.royalmint.com/digital-investments/digigold/?__ja=tsid%3a38667|kw%3aB2104B&utm_medium=email&utm_source=product-launch&utm_campaign=2020-11-prm-digi-gold&utm_content=millennial-cta1 Looks like they are now selling virtual precious metals. Looks to be some premium, what are people thoughts? Could be a decent way to stick some spare change into metals
  8. I grabbed one of the silvers in the end. I had a mini idea that i'd grab a gold until i saw the price!
  9. Nice I am after some cufflinks. Grabbed myself the silver unicorn cufflinks. What guy doesn't love a unicorn
  10. I've bought from Baird's a couple of times. Deposit via card then a bt for the rest. Pretty painless to be honest. Never needed an ID but this has been a single half sov etc
  11. Another one I'll pass. Can't afford to try and keep up with the royal mint
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