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  1. My first hammered so thought I'd make it a York Henry
  2. So I've pretty much given up on every monarch. So set my sights a little lower. Aiming for hammered from York mint now. First up Henry VIII half groat
  3. I do want to pick up a few more ancients, a couple on the trade section recently but cant justify the costs at the moment with a baby due. 25-45 for a graded coin though i could be tempted hah (i've bought some before i suspect might be fake.. fleabay for you)
  4. I do have a fascination with ancients, don't own any ancient gold though!... Hmm
  5. Hi, Ive been toying with the idea of starting a collection of coinage from every British monarch from Egbert (using this list as a reference https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/KingsQueensofBritain/ . Not thinking gold but any coins from the times etc. Anyone had a go at a similar collection before? Realise there are likely to be coins that are near impossible to get or super expensive. Just interested to see if anyone else is trying it?
  6. Anyone still buying copper bars? Just wondering where the best place to get them in the UK is, Google throwing up cardiffgold. Quite fancy some 1kg bars or maybe some coins (missed out on the zombucks that someone was selling ages ago).
  7. The next forum group buy? Everyone chip in to recover treasure
  8. Guessing these aren't as popular. Everything show available to me
  9. 2.30 Sunday? Well that's me out then no point staying up until midnight then
  10. Do these normally go on at midnight?
  11. I've still not managed to get my bullion account sorted so no carded halfs for me, although not a bad thing as I do like a fondle of bullion. Ive got a couple on order with bbp so see when they turn up. Any ideas if any of the dealers will be getting carded ones or is it just royal mint.
  12. Wouldnt let me order from RM, said i needed a bullion account then just failed to activate it. No carded sovs for me.
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