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  1. It was time to balance silver exposure over gold. 200 ounces of QB lions from the European mint splitted over 2 orders. Super satisfied for the quality and European mint service.
  2. That kangaroo looks absolutely like a fake. The queens side is very obvious. The holder too
  3. Hi guys I am just asking the forum that what is the general perception currently about the QB 2 oz coins manufacturing quality? I am planning to make a sizeable purchase of full mint sealed rolls from Eurooean Mint and want to know in advance what to expect I do not know is it about luck but my empirical experience is that Royal Mint has improved quality at least in the gold version of 1 oz QBโ€™s. For example I have not encountered very beaten coins that were pretty normal at the start of the series with lion and griffin. How do you see this yourself?
  4. Received my lion(s). I start to grow on the design. I showed the coin to my wife and her reaction was: โ€Lion in a coffee cupโ€.
  5. Yes of course. Everything is a buy - for a right price! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Managed to snag this from an antique dealer who was not been updating his prices while silver has skyrocketed. Price was melt - 10% ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Platinum is structurally weak - it is mainly used in diesel engines that within the next few years fade away entirely because of better technologies. Hard to see platinum ever recovering back above gold price.
  8. Rocketing gold prices has slowed down my purchases but I could not resist purchasing this panda for the melt value
  9. Yes this is indeed a stunning set. I will keep it in the collection ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. Received my proof Libertad set from year 2006 that I bought from estate sale for melt value.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and a counteroffer ๐Ÿ˜Yes the coins seem to be in untouched condition just like from the mint. I have reserved the lot for myself and will update once I get my hands on it!
  12. Hi I have a change to buy libertad proof set from year 2006 (1.9 oz) for the melt value from the estate sale. The set does not have the COA but the wooden box is included. Does this reduce the set value considerably? Buying the set would be a easy decision for me if gold price would be lower. What do you guys think - is this a good buy? How easy these sets are to liquidate when time is to sell? many thanks in advance
  13. I received one 1 oz QB Griffin from a dealer that has quite a horrible eye appeal. It is a bit challenging to photograph it but you can clearly see the coin surface looks plain horrible on a direct lightning. It looks a bit like milk spots common on silver coins but they are on gold. Is this something that is baked into the coin or can it be removed? At least gently rubbing the coin with a soapy water does not remove the ugly coating. These are not scratches and the coin seems not to have any physical damage whatsoever What do you think should I try to replace this?
  14. I think anything over 10% is crazy. Usually can buy for same or less premium as normal bullion that is 3-5%. Sometimes can find deals for like 1-2% less than spot Proof coins are waste of money in my opinion. I can understand somebody buys one in silver here and there but in gold - the base metal price makes these coins extrimely expensive and as I said waste of money
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