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  1. Krugerrands are classic too!
  2. Four (4) months after the purchase of this coin (2010 bullion gold sovereign), i took it out of its sealed (I believe it was sealed) blister to store it in a capsule as usual. By placing it in the capsule and looking at it from an angle, I saw these signs that were not visible or I had not noticed, while it was in the blister. Do you think this is glue that was in the blister or something else? Is there a way to clean it without damaging the coin? (meaning that after cleaning it can get a grade and not details cleaned, regardless of whether it's worth sending for grading) Than
  3. Gold has been money for 2500 years. Bitcoin after a decade is trying to stay alive...
  4. Demand has been and will always be higher for full Sovereigns. Half Sovereigns do tend to have higher premiums than full.
  5. Cleaning coins is a bad idea. Remove some of the original finish and damage coins, so they are viewed as a major negative in the world of numismatics. Cleaning is a factor in coins not qualifying for grading.
  6. Sovereigns are the most popular recognised and circulated gold coins worldwide. They contain the intrinsic security of bullion or precious metal in a pure form and can also offer additional profit potential due to their aesthetic and historical appeal.
  7. The sovereign is the most widely traded gold coin in the world. Sovereigns are recognised in most parts of the world. The added metals in 22k products make them far more durable than pure 24k gold, which is a notoriously soft and pliable metal. Investors who plan on trading or handling their coins more often might find this durability more valuable.
  8. Sovstacker


    I agree, it depends on the prices. Generally full sovereigns are more desirable than halves...
  9. I think the best thing you can do is send it back as much as you can. Such private mints are less attractive than coins like sovereigns or other famous gold coins produced by official mints and have a legal tender status associated with them. They can carry higher premiums over the spot price of Precious Metals, due to collectibility. Coins or better rounds like 'Withdrawal From The EU' gold proof sovereign from Hattons of London' are produced by private mints and do not have face value or legal tender status associated with them. The price for rounds often hovers near the spot pri
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