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  1. Join us at @dixiesilverminer on Instagram
  2. A stacker we met on Reddit years ago does some beautiful scrap refining. We just bought some for projects but wanted to share these for anyone that has not seen them before, they are absolutely beautiful!
  3. Thank you! This is why we love the silver community. We got our order today and it was super fast and easy, really nice people. We are excited to have another good source. We appreciate the heads up!
  4. looking for 1 ozt bars of 999fs up to 10 ozt these are for a project and will be melted Thank you
  5. A few favorites and our latest addition the judge
  6. after looking if there were any spot deals available they all show out of stock accept BGASC and after putting it in my cart this was popped up: Please Note: To ensure we maintain our high level of service, BGASC is currently not accepting any new orders at this time. Our entire staff is working diligently to pack & ship the large volume of orders we have received in the past 72 hours. We will reopen our online store on Monday at 8:30am PDT for new orders. We appreciate your business.
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