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  1. Mark43

    completed Marvel coins

    Marvel for sale all in capsules Spiderman x 2 £80 ea 2 SOLD Thor x 2 £44 ea 1 SOLD Black Panther x 2 £38 ea 1 SOLD Iron Man x 2 £34 ea Post of your choice but SD preferred BT or PPFF or PPGS + 3% AOOG
  2. Umicore 100g gone a bit cloudy £77 - SOLD Purefine 100g £77 -SOLD Baird 500g £385 Postage SD preferred but your choice at your risk or collect. BT preferred but PPFF and PPGS + 3% ok AOOG
  3. Mexican 1955 5 pesos £158 Year of the horse 2014 £133 Both together £285 plus post of your choice BT preferred but will take PPFF or PPGS + 3% AOOG
  4. Mark43

    completed Marvel

    Hi Jay I have a spare Deadpool in capsule - £38 plus post of your choice Mark
  5. Hi all I have 5 x 100g bars for sale 1 sheffield , 1 purefine and 3 umicore of which 2 are sealed. Price is £90 each and post of your choice - SD is preferred though or pickup BT or cash preferred PPFF or PPGS + 4% AOOG Edit Purefine and opened umicore left to sell
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