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  1. I highly recommend you at least hold one in your life time! It’s total witchcraft how something that size can be so heavy!! It always put an instant smile on my face. 🤩
  2. Sorry it’s not for sale, it’s a keeper! I need something to hold when this goes 😆
  3. 1 x Vintage 1 KG Argentia silver bar. Bought 14 years ago. Low serial number. Don’t see these often. £570 posted special delivery. UK only buyers only please. Bank transfer only please.
  4. 1 x 1970’s 100 oz silver Johnson Matthey pressed bar. Comes in original box. A rare piece that is becoming Harder and harder to find. £1800 posted special delivery fully tracked and insured. comes with original cardboard box, will add pictures tomorrow. UK buyers only please. Bank transfer only please. ** one ounce bar is for scale, not included 😆**
  5. I have recently acquired this bar, I’ve been unable to find any information on it what so ever! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also have these two ‘Interbee’s’ I’ve been desperately trying to find info on these but have had zero luck! I know they’re Belgian and that’s it 🙈 any help would be wonderful!
  6. I’ve been panic buying... had to get another Interbee, its brother was lonely.
  7. Received this this morning, Over the moon! A lovely mix of A, B and C serial numbers! Thank you @matrawr for your fair and realistic prices
  8. Thank you all, I’ve now received what I was looking for.
  9. Hi folks, I hope everyone’s managing in this crazy world at the moment. I would like to purchase 1oz generic JM bars (nothing fancy)if anyone’s got some to share. I don’t expect to buy at the current low don’t worry looking to spend £17ish per bar. KC.
  10. Another brick to the stack and she’s a beaut!
  11. I’ve just received this stunning Vintage “KitKat” bar. Never seen anything like it before. If someone could enlighten me as to where it came from I’d greatly appreciate it! Possibly German?
  12. Arrived this morning, 10x 1oz SilverTowne bars. Thank you @arshimo2012 for another Bargain.
  13. I’m just looking forward to another “potential” group order. Would it be reckless to put an order in now?
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