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  1. North-American-Palladium-Delivers-Strong-Q1-2019-Financial-Results-Eliminates-Debt-and-Increases-Dividend https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/05/02/1815883/0/en/North-American-Palladium-Delivers-Strong-Q1-2019-Financial-Results-Eliminates-Debt-and-Increases-Dividend.html
  2. WOW!! North-American-Palladium-Delivers-Strong-Q1-2019-Financial-Results-Eliminates-Debt-and-Increases-Dividend https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/05/02/1815883/0/en/North-American-Palladium-Delivers-Strong-Q1-2019-Financial-Results-Eliminates-Debt-and-Increases-Dividend.html
  3. PD breaks above its $1450 oz resistance
  4. Nice to see this thread ressurected since i started it. With PT its a different type of chemistry and a larger size top what is needed. Yes, there can be a shift from PD to PT has been stated but it will take some time before this comes to fruitation. its back to the drawing design board for new designs which will take some years to design, start and be approved. I have been a strong bull on PD for some years now. PD is going up not down and will remain high for some years to come. Looking at the true fundamentals and geo politics i dont see any alterations for some time. As
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