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  1. I couldn't agree more with this.
  2. Is that 1989 the one that was sold on here a few days ago?
  3. It would be for a tube since they are 1/10 Brits but if they were full 1oz then sign me up
  4. I just need one bar for now, as long as it's cheaper than eBay and dealers then I don't mind.
  5. Looking for 1g gold pandas or 1/20 if old coins as 1g didn't exist back then, post how much you want and what year you have, already have the 2016 so any year except that.
  6. I'll take a 1g, this might be the start of a Panda collection for me.
  7. I guess I should of bought a 1/4oz when I had the chance seeing as they are now out of stock.
  8. Hey, is the 1/4oz worth picking up and grading or not? seem to be a high premium on these and not sure how well this series sell?
  9. Accept this a free bump, nice coins and ignore the child above me 😆
  10. Hey all I am planning to start buying PMs again after a year or two away, I only want to spend around £100-£250 a month, I use to buy a sovereign each month but obviously they have gone up a bit since I was buying them so I am looking to silver, my issue is milk spots, is this less likely to bars of silver? I prefer coins but the milk spots ruin them completely for me, I am half collector, half stacker, are there any coins that don't have these issues or should I just stack bars like metalor etc or just stack fractional gold?
  11. Looking for a few bars, 100/250g etc
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