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  1. 25 x 2014 Silver Bullion Canadian Maple Coins for £640 plus postage I have one tube of 25 Silver Maples. Selling as bullion so as not to disappoint as some (not many) have milk spots
  2. James, I have the first 9 designs of molon labe by Intaglio Mint, but would be looking at £70 per coin to break even. If interested please PM me.
  3. Two x 100 grams @Backyard Bullion (BYB) Hand Poured silver investment bars Weight 100 grams 2017 - Serial Number 040 with certificate 2018 - Serial Number 150 with certificate £105 each plus postage of choice However, if buyer buys both it will be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery by me Many thanks Piggybank
  4. Update: I contacted the person that @Cornishfarmerknew. Looks like I have got one. Had to pay a bit more for it however I was more than happy to do so due to my desperation 🙂 Hopefully the coin hunt is over and thanks to @Cornishfarmer, @AndrewSL76 and @Ryan for they help and input
  5. May know someone with one, will get back to you later Cornishfarmer that would be great, Fingers crossed
  6. Thanks Andrew, I have seen them on ebay but unfortunately they are coloured😒 I need a plain one
  7. That's a 2015, I'm looking for a 2005 which is really hard to find
  8. Have been searching for this coin for a few years now. As per title willing to pay £175 for one in good condition. This is the only coin missing from my collection and hopefully someone is willing to sell it to me
  9. Just seen this thread. Is there room on the list for me @5huggy?
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