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  1. I'm interested in your bet. What's the time frame for independence? To be honest IF it happens £1000 will be the least of my problems. Bring it on man
  2. Just seen this thread. Is there room on the list for me @5huggy?
  3. Two Winston Churchill Two Winston Churchill Stamp Replicas 1965 selling as bullion The 18ct Gold Stamps each weigh 20.2 grams Total actual Gold weight is .97 Troy oz (30.3 grams) They come housed in a box (with a little wear and tear) plus COA Price includes Special Delivery Postage Payment by BT or PPFF
  4. Can I have 2 Covid Mask May 2020 1 oz coins please
  5. I think they are from a labour- saving device or something similar, so I'm going with, your Time or your Health or your Peace of Mind or your Convenience.
  6. I'll take it if not already sold
  7. If there not sold I'll take them please.
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