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  1. Extraordinary! Some views, or the people who express them, are decidedly extreme! Here we are....a nice bunch of people enjoying our pursuit of buying nice coins....gold or silver or copper or whatever and sure enough someone comes along who wants to spoil the party..... .......my advice.....ignore what is so obviously a biased and compromised view.....
  2. Welcome ........and what an incredible introduction you made. You’re so obviously going to enjoy yourself on here since it will help to develop your obvious passion for precious metal and coinage. if you ever get the chance to mine for gold, do update us.....
  3. Some of the photographs on here are quite stunning and reflect a real ability with the camera. Perhaps there’s a call for even more creativity in this area. Most of the photographs are of fairly traditional designs .....any new ones out there? Perhaps we could have different threads than the traditional Britannia....as much as I truly love and admire this design....?
  4. Actuallly the designs are quite striking. I do hope that the new admin team can bring off the impossible and get this project properly run and with all participants happy....now that would be quite something....
  5. I have been a member of the Facebook Stackers group in question for about a year and during that time have bought a considerable amount of silver from other members with no problems, the utmost courtesy and a genuine desire to help and support. There are some genuine people in the group some of whom have come forward in the last couple of months to deal with a very messy arrangement from a previous Admin. Jay and others are doing a stalwart job in liaising with the Mints in question, evolving a new strategy to get the rounds produced and being open and honest in their dealings with members. Most people are happy with how things are proceeding.But, obviously not everyone hence the critical comments. I would like to see the new Admin team given time to produce the goods and rectify the previous misunderstandings and difficulties. They deserve a pat on the back for taking a failing project on and nurturing it in the way they have. Good luck to them.
  6. It was found in Merthyr Tydfil.....me Lord......
  7. All the German people I have met have been without a doubt civil minded, courteous and very efficient. Great people to be around. I’ve never visited Germany partly because it is so expensive but I’d like to go some day.....
  8. Sometimes it’s the so called mad ones who are nearer to speaking the truth. I e been a listener to Alex Jones for some years in an attempt to hear views across the board. If one just listens to the main media then the chances are one is being fed a particular view a particular agenda......very far from being open and truthful......
  9. Hi there and greetings from Lincoln UK. I’m very new to the Forum as well but beginning to see the value of being with knowledgable folk who have been collecting gold and silver for many years.
  10. Everything that used to be so good about the internet....ie open discussions, unbiased research, all views tolerated.....these tools of an open and democratic country are being eroded or, indeed, have already been eroded. If you google anything these days you are presented with a doctored list of items and you have to dig rather deep to get anywhere near factual news. ..........all the Orwellian predictions have come true. We are already living in a world prescribed for us, tailored for us. It’s a scary thought that someone or something is pulling the strings and we are merely puppets......
  11. Just the right date to spend some money on Xmas pressie coins. Anyone been to this show before and can recommend it?
  12. Hi with greetings from Lincoln. Hope you enjoy your participation on the Forum.....
  13. My wife, an expert on all things, tells me that Venice is sinking, the Euro is declining and she blames it on Brexit.....
  14. Haha......you are so right......The capitol Of gun crime and shootings at some time in the past or was that just fake news from the Sun?
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