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  1. Personally I would always have some concerns with eBay. But no doubt there are deals to be had there as with anywhere. By far the best selling experience I have had trading has been this forum.
  2. You could be right. I sold about 30% of my gold at a 35% profit with the belief that prices would come down again. But held onto most of my stack incase they don't. Short term it was the wrong move as gold has gone up £100 above my sale price since then but who knows what will happen in a few months to a year.
  3. Completely agree with the ability to profit from a lower oil price than US/UK companies. I am a beginner at investing but the chart for gazprom does not look particularly inviting. -11% YTD but then maybe that suggests that the company has always been fairly valued compared to inflated US/UK companies. Their balance sheet and income statement look very healthy though.
  4. That will of course vary for everyone. My personal view is that I would never own enough to justify using a vault service.
  5. I can't understand the desire to use a vault or security deposit and not hold the asset physically unless we are talking about a large amount. Granted it's not as bad as trading paper gold but still one step away.
  6. I can't see this happening in this day and age. Although if it did they couldn't ban it forever so I suspect most would hold it until that day comes.
  7. Hello, Looking for the invoice to renew premium memebership but for the life of me cannot find where that is. Cheers.
  8. As soon as lockdown comes to an end you can expect to see premiums come back down. Certainly at some point later this year premiums will come down.
  9. I have had a lot of fun with the stock market the last 2 months. I am currently up 28% and have been buying only the most effected industries for the long term. Shell, BP, OXY, Boeing and small to mid oil companies, 1 Russian and Brazilian due to the risk of US based companies requiring a high oil price for profit. Saw a oil company that filled for bankruptcy (WLL). Took a small $50 gamble on it as a either it's going to 0 or it is going to see a good return in the long term if it survives. I wanted to hold for the long term as with all my stocks but when it reached over 300% pr
  10. Looking at the chart it looks very volotile. Also up very slightly on the year. I'm also looking to get into mining stocks but some of the others are up 80% on the year so will pass for now.
  11. Crazy times for oil. I have put some funds in many oil companies, hopefully it's a good long term strategy.
  12. I think it's a valid question. I considered the same and also asked myself what Kman said. Do I have anything better to put that money into? The answer was no based on the current situation. As soon as the virus clears up regardless of the economy the premiums on silver will go back to normal. I don't personally believe silver is going to the moon or anything crazy. Bad economy = less demand for silver which is already highly manipulated. However, silver is a great investment that similar to gold in that it's something you hold but with large industrial use. To me silver is a he
  13. Silver is a very manipulated market, its price has no relation to demand it would seem. With that said silver is a industrial metal. If the economy fails there will be much less demand for silver. Who's going to update their existing or buy new electronics with a failing economy? You want to put 100% into gold/silver? That would be financial suicide in my opinion.
  14. I was a bit late, seems that everyone had the same idea that getting a chest freezer would be a wise move.
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