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  1. Napoleon AN12 Essai/Pattern 1/4 Franc in silver - smaller than a 5p so will have to go in a slab so I don't lose it!
  2. The estimates for the lots in the Heritage Dallas World Coins Auction on the 5-7th August have just come out. That was a good idea while it lasted - I still have a few weeks to win the lottery 🤣
  3. Now if someone could put the contents of that book together as a 'real' collection that would be impressive!
  4. Beautiful coin - congratulations! Pic of my 1829 sixpence which is the obverse die.
  5. From memory the hammer was over £1500, it was ungraded at the time.
  6. I was outbid on that coin when it was ungraded - it was nice to see it get an MS64 when it was submitted to NGC. I know I should have gone higher!!
  7. Nice clear example of the die number! lots of worn 3's get recorded as 5's. As you say die number 6 is the key one as it is the DRIT error. There also seems to be die 6/6 which does not have the DRIT error (?). The others are die number 41 which is the proof - the last time it appeared at auction I was spectacularly outbid on☹️ and die number 30 which has 8/7 in the date. Not much difference in the other die numbers but I think the die numbers in the late 60's are less common.
  8. Upgrade to my no-die-number 1879 sixpence - I now need to work out why I have multiple lower graded versions, possible unrecorded varieties 🤔
  9. Might be of interest!https://www.elementsales.com/ecoins.htm
  10. It seems that many auction houses will set a reserve (not set by the vendor) typically at 80% of the low estimate - also often used as the starting price and may also state this in their terms. Some auction houses actually specify a starting price which is useful - although for some auction houses some of these starting prices are very high and these auctions usually have lots of unsold lots as a result! It sometimes means a coin appears 3 or 4 times always at a slightly lower opening bid than the previous sale before they sell - I am hoping a couple of such coins re-appear over the next few months as the orginal starting price was having a laugh
  11. The hard copy looks to be good quality - I just have the PDF and my eye on a few things
  12. Info from Property Partner that may be of interest. Full article at:- https://www.propertypartner.co/blog/ceo-update-may-2020/ The bit on Residential:- Residential The most immediate risk to the residential portfolio has been rent arrears, where tenants withhold rent (many with genuine reason, others less so). Rent arrears are running at significantly higher levels than prior to the crisis. Below is the trend over the last 5 months of current arrears as a % of monthly rent: In recent months, these month-end positions mask substantially higher arrears levels during the month, that have been ameliorated by the work of our managing agents. We have seen many instances where, in chasing overdue rent, a rent holiday has been requested but once it has been made clear that the holiday is only a deferral and the tenant remains liable for the outstanding rent, they have elected to pay. We are, of course, adhering to Government guidance in agreeing to rent deferrals for tenants who require this for genuine reasons of financial hardship. Clearly the deteriorating trend needs to be arrested and returned to normalised levels, but we do not yet have visibility on when this will be.
  13. Decent grade and well struck George V silver is surprisingly difficult to find unfortunately the major auction houses seemed to have started to realise this and estimates for quality examples are going up - and I haven't completed my set yet
  14. I agree, I stopped bidding completely as they wouldn't move online so I couldn't tailor my bids for the lots I was interested in depending on the prices being achieved. I hope that the 3rd party system is a temporary fix whilst they sort things out! Lots of gold and silver proofs as usual - I tend to go for the older stuff
  15. It appears that London Coins have finally moved their auctions online:- https://www.easyliveauction.com/auctioneers/londoncoins/ I have suggested it many times over the years, pity it took a pandemic.
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