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  1. An 1884R 20 Lire of Umberto I, so I have also put this on the LMU thread.
  2. OK, I gave in and bought a LMU coin. I know I usually buy Napoleonic coins but this appeared and I got it for a good price given the date - one for the pension.☺️ I just have to not buy any more!
  3. Maybe someone should send them a copy of 'The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins'! Or contact Trading Standards???
  4. A 1808 Spanish Ferdinand VII 8 reales from the Seville mint - one of the last main mints to fall to Napoleon in January 1810. As full dates runs of any Ferdinand VII coinage is basically impossible this counts as the 8R in a really simple denomination set of 1/2R, 1R, 2R, 4R and 8R and now I am just missing one 😃
  5. A copy of the auction catalogue for the Paramount Collection arrived from Heritage today - now I wish I was a billionaire 😄
  6. I know - my British sense of humour 😄
  7. They can't spell centre either!
  8. Something a bit different arrived today - a proclamation from 1806 detailing the new coinage for Napoleonic Italy. I thought I had completed the typeset of these coins but it appears I have one missing 😧
  9. Just picked up the 1806 Napoleonic Italy proclamation at DNW today - it will go nicely with my typeset of the real coins.🙂
  10. I've only got $100 cash in my eToro account 😠
  11. I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients, I must not collect ancients.
  12. 1809M Napoleon Italian 20 Lire - the variety with the 5-pointed star on the reverse 🙂
  13. Very nice coin, the last few at this grade look like they went for ~500CHF with MS62/MS63 going for a bit less (350-450). Heritage did have two this year at MS64 which went for $1200-$1400 but looking at all the other prices these buyers seem to have overpaid! I guess they wanted one in a PCGS holder.
  14. As a collector of Napoleonic coins (France, Italy etc) this is always one of the auctions I wait for each year and try and save funds for - the prices were amazing and I was terrified of hitting the bid button by mistake, I did think I would try it at one point and see if my credit limit meant that the bid wouldn't be accepted. The catalogues are great but you need very strong book shelves. The gold EID MAR, also yesterday at ROMA XX, hammered at £2.7million so maybe these lots were bargains! It will be no surprise that all the lots I bid one eventually went over my limit and this is the first year where I have ended up with nothing and I am already kicking myself for not going higher on one lot The Gadoury sale today looks a little more realistic as the grades are a bit lower and the same for Palombo which is now in December, Heritage now looks cheap Anyone here get the classic British gold??????
  15. A pet hate of mine is when auction houses do not include the certificate number - you have to assume the auction house has verified its authenticity - some times they get PCGS and NGC mixed up and you can tell from the prongs in the picture! At least some auction houses have realised this is a mistake and people like to look up the coin on the NGC or PCGS website and as a result now include a separate list of numbers rather than including them in the main catalogue. I picked up one coin cheap as the auction house picture looked like it had a scratch on, but having tracked down the PCGS certificate number (took a while) the grading companies picture had no scratch so I assumed it happened later and was on the holder - turned out this was the case and I got a bargain (unfortunately doesn't happen very often)
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