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  1. Info from Property Partner that may be of interest. Full article at:- https://www.propertypartner.co/blog/ceo-update-may-2020/ The bit on Residential:- Residential The most immediate risk to the residential portfolio has been rent arrears, where tenants withhold rent (many with genuine reason, others less so). Rent arrears are running at significantly higher levels than prior to the crisis. Below is the trend over the last 5 months of current arrears as a % of monthly rent: In recent months, these month-end positions mask substantially higher arrears levels during the month, that have been ameliorated by the work of our managing agents. We have seen many instances where, in chasing overdue rent, a rent holiday has been requested but once it has been made clear that the holiday is only a deferral and the tenant remains liable for the outstanding rent, they have elected to pay. We are, of course, adhering to Government guidance in agreeing to rent deferrals for tenants who require this for genuine reasons of financial hardship. Clearly the deteriorating trend needs to be arrested and returned to normalised levels, but we do not yet have visibility on when this will be.
  2. Decent grade and well struck George V silver is surprisingly difficult to find unfortunately the major auction houses seemed to have started to realise this and estimates for quality examples are going up - and I haven't completed my set yet
  3. I agree, I stopped bidding completely as they wouldn't move online so I couldn't tailor my bids for the lots I was interested in depending on the prices being achieved. I hope that the 3rd party system is a temporary fix whilst they sort things out! Lots of gold and silver proofs as usual - I tend to go for the older stuff
  4. It appears that London Coins have finally moved their auctions online:- https://www.easyliveauction.com/auctioneers/londoncoins/ I have suggested it many times over the years, pity it took a pandemic.
  5. When I have seen this on other Forums it seems to mean 'post mint modification' and therefore the coin is not encapsulated at all and therefore no grade. If I remember correctly the debate was that you could only buy them like that so 'Colorized outside the mint' should not matter. I could be completely wrong of course and it wouldn't be the first time , definitely worth asking NGC to confirm and how they know for each 'coloured' issue from around the world where the colour was added?
  6. That's what I would have done to justify it - but I have too many sets on the go at the moment!!
  7. I keep having to make sure MrsST doesn't see these - she saw one in a magazine and so far my 'its on one off, and not worth it based on scrap value' is working
  8. Property is in a great place and the sort of thing we were originally looking for but decided more land was needed as it would have to generate some income! Building a house from scratch is certainly possible - not done it completely but we did quadruple the size of a family members property so that is not too much different. Thankyou for this - I have been looking at planning very closely (nightmare here in the UK) and the property I highlighted had permission for a replacement dwelling - one of the main reasons for buying something with a 'property' already on site no matter what state it is in does seem to mean that extensions and complete replacement seems to be looked on very favourably (?). The requirements on the style etc appear to be a bit restrictive though and makes building an energy efficient home almost impossible. We have also looked at Cavan and other surrounding counties - pleny of lakes but land prices seem to go up quite a bit for land which appears to be less suitable for our plans - some properties look great though!
  9. That's the sort of property! We have also been looking at property.ie and propertypal.com which seems to be the Northern Ireland equivalent although such properties are few and far between north of the border. Donegal, although a beautiful place, is probably a bit too far west for us as the land is not really suitable for what we intend to grow and it is a bit far away from the type of fishing we have planned - I used to do a lot of coarse match and pike fishing and it would be good to get back to that. https://www.property.ie/property-for-sale/Cloonslanor-Strokestown-Co-Roscommon/2396455/ Wouldn't have to go far to wet a line in the one above Unfortunately I do not have a building background and have had a desk job for more than 20 years now but have done the equivalent at home and with other family members and was brought up like that - I am amazed at how many neighbours and people at work 'just get someone in' rather than doing it themselves, even the simple small jobs - plastering is the main exception for me as a flat, smooth surface seems to be unobtainable 😄. Recently a neighbour asked if they could borrow a screwdriver (we seem to be the only house in the street with any tools) and Mrs ST asked 'which type?' as apparently one size does not fit all
  10. Extended families lamb supply for the year, not at my house .
  11. Thankyou so much for this - I was not aware of the hia site and is really useful - upside is costs are a bit lower than I was led to believe from other sites, downside is there are so many options! Having said that we can't usually get travel insurance on line as some of the family conditions are in the list which requires a specialist quote. I was aware of the medical card and capped monthly prescription charges etc and was using these as a guide although the terms of 'residency' seems to complicate things although that could just be my reading of the details. I have looked at the public system and waiting times for non-life threatening conditions seems to be the big issue. Hope you get your back sorted - years ago I waited 18 months on the NHS for a similar thing and went past the allowed time limit so the NHS surgeon did the operation in a private hospital instead - It did take a while to learn to walk again but the food was so much better! As we have been looking at Roscommon and Leitrim I had considered jumping across the border for emergencies (likely the closest hospital anyway) - is this allowed if your 'home address is in south of the border? We should just have enough equity left to do the work needed particularly as I would do a lot of it myself although I am not getting any younger and roofs seem to be getting further away from the ground - single storey only.😄
  12. We are considering retiring to Ireland for lifestyle reasons - however for a few years now my work-life balance seems to be 'work 1 life 0' so we have been thinking whether this would be possible a little bit earlier than planned. As we can live very cheaply I should be able to make enough to cover the bills by being self-employed and working remotely* but the big unknown is the health insurance costs. I am aware of the costs for GP visits etc but have no idea what a ball-park figure for the actual insurance costs would be - some family members have extensive underlying medical conditions (house looks like a pharmacy which needs a spreadsheet to keep track of things!). Hopefully there will be some members from Ireland here who may be able to help? Many thanks (and I know it rains 😄) * very remote! we would just be able to afford an old 'derelict' cottage with some land (<100K euros and 10 acres) in the upper Shannon area in the west of Ireland so I can expand my garden and spend my days fishing again.
  13. These are impressive coins although looking at the top Registry Set and the census decent UNC examples seem to be a bit of a challenge. https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetListing.aspx?PeopleSetID=199234 In my view putting together sets of quality early 20th century silver from lots of places in the world is surprisingly difficult, including Edward VII and George V, and a well worth long term project - pity the Napoleonic period was early 19th century as my funds would go much further! Although I may need some 'side projects'
  14. Mrs ST has taken the opportunity to teach the kids more cooking - it is just cakes, biscuits and lasagne at the moment - not doing wonders for my figure 😄
  15. Well done! Makes me look like a total layabout 🙂
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