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  1. NO 70's in this house! - actually not bad for the date at all I seem to need to complete date runs - a problem I have been dealing with for many years and there seems to be no cure
  2. Most dealers in the UK will have a range of British coinage in stock although not all years and usually in lower grades with some high grade examples amongst them, particularly for the more recent years (George V and VI and Elizabeth II). If you are after high grade examples then some dealers specialise in this or auctions would be the best bet, with a lot available from the main US auctions than from those in the UK, and just to complicate matters there seems to quite a bit of high grade British coinage appearing at Japanese auctions lately!
  3. About the size of a sovereign, bit of a premium though ๐Ÿ˜„ https://www.romanumismatics.com/221-lot-463-brutus-av-aureus?auction_id=75&view=lot_detail I wish I could afford ancients!
  4. This catalogue unexpectedly arrived today - some great coins, most of which are way beyond my budget. Any one have any experience with them?
  5. Nice coins, the 1836 sixpence is a difficult coin to find in any grade!
  6. An upgrade to my British Palestine typeset - 1935 100 mils. I have no hope of ever getting high grade examples of the key dates as Mrs ST will not allow the house to be remortgaged
  7. When I started grading coins I thought alot about the question of PCGS or NGC - I am not going to go into my reasons for grading coins. I do have coins in both holders although many more NGC - thanks to @Numistacker, so this is a personal view and related to the types of coins I collect (no moderns๐Ÿ˜„). I have seen mistakes, some horrific, in both holders and as always buy the coin and not the holder. I do prefer the NGC holder as the PCGS one feels much more fragile - they are probably not and it is just me. Ancients are NGC or ANACS which basically means NGC only now. Paper money was NGC(
  8. Pic of a 1796 Mexico 8 reales from the main Spanish auction house
  9. Lots of LMU coins at the Caranett Collection Part III - Gold Coins of Western Europe being sold at Heritage on October 11. Complete date runs anyone?? https://coins.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=3184+792+4294945209&ic=Items-OpenAuctions-ComingSoon-BrowseViewLots-071713
  10. Unfortunately fakes - contemporary and modern are very common in this series. The even colour is odd but not unheard of but that may be that it has been cleaned in the past and artifically toned. It doesn't seem to match any of the known 1796 Mexico 8 reales fakes in my copy of 'Counterfeit Portrait Eight Reales' but modern fakes are appearing all the time. What does the edge look like - it should have the correct design and the overlaps should be opposite one another. I tend to focus on the smaller reales, and those of Spain rather than the colonies, as they are much less faked - we
  11. The Napoleonic coinage of Italy is full of varieties, overdates, recut dies between mints etc, plus the reference books generally do not agree with one another or use the same terminology! Like an idiot I thought I would try and sort it all out and just keep finding more and more unrecorded varieties, and mint state coins are not common either which makes things even more difficult. The mints at Bologna, Milan and Venice must have been a complete shambles compared to the French mints. A retirement project I think ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. Another Napoleon - this time one from Italy, a 1810M 1 Lira, only 33 more to go for the full set ๐Ÿ˜„ (probably impossible even in VF but you have to try!)
  13. Nothing new - in 1803 the English Leopard tearing up the Treaty of Amiens with the French as the English didn't like the way Napoleon was trying to take control of all of Europe.
  14. A book I have been after for a while - managed to get the hardback for the price of the paperback
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