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  1. Bump, up for sale till Wednesday, because I will be going to the vault on Thursday to get them out (or leave them in) 🙂
  2. For sale Libertad - BU top condition all 2015, low mintages .999 gold 1 oz ..... 1900 euro (1x available) 1/4 oz.....475 euro (1x) 1/20 oz....120 euro (5x) Mexican gold fractionals, centenarios, .900 gold 1959 - 10 pesos .... SOLD 1955 - 5 pesos .... SOLD Payment via PPFF (credible members) or Bank Transfer. Shipping costs to be determined 🙂 , depending on the value of buying. Any questions, more pics, feel free to contact me ! Best regards, T
  3. The shipping time may have improved...the service however did not. You used to have the option to order and store in a vault. That is no longer available....unless....your order is at least 500 euros (so what is the point of upping that minimum amount ? storing is supposed to be for small orders.....if all orders are decent...there is no need to store because shipping costs are relatively speeking ok).....and....storing will costs you 1 euro each time..... ...Apart from that...the prices or premiums they are charging went up substantially....so....that can only be good news for the other dealers..... GS used to be 'the cheapest bullion dealer' with a very bad service....that went to 'not (always) the cheapest bullion dealer' with a little bit lesser bad service 😄
  4. ...so does the 1/2 oz lunar II mouse 😉
  5. I believe you should wait for the second in the series.....if that is a 'not so great coin'.....you might be right....But if the second release is a great design, I believe this bengal tiger will be a winner. At least, it is for me 🙂
  6. @werewolf @thesongofthunder thx !! yes it sure did. Hope everything works out !! Has nobody else done some transactions with this firm(s) ?
  7. @thesongofthunder any update ? Was searching the net for some 10 oz bars and came across this (these) company (ies).....thank god I first checked TSF for info !!!
  8. hahaha, no worries, if you have gold, that is better than no gold 😉
  9. If interested, I have some 1/20 oz libertads 2015.....pretty low mintage of 1.300 pieces. Don't expect the price of gold for those beauties 🙂
  10. you could start with the little ones 🙂 ...... Libertad gold starts from 1/20 oz......and even before Libertads....the Centenarios.....start very little...dos pesos, dos y medio.....etc 😉
  11. @muenzdachs you can contact Soeren, he is a respected member of this forum 🙂
  12. https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63784639/Products/4784 Soeren has that one also 🙂
  13. you could ask Soeren at what rate he would ship the coin.....not in UK, but worth the try ? https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63784639/Products/4636
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