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  1. any idea what a raw one would be worth ? non graded.
  2. I got these details also and paid, received confirmation of payment early this week, euros
  3. no price adjustments since July 27......👍 ..... will leave on for another day or two....but if not sold, will withdraw.
  4. Tritoon01


    should be ok.....ordered last week, shipped within 1 day ! ...got tracking, no problems, all good
  5. hmmm....not sure I would pay that amount for these coins....sorry
  6. Hi all, I have 2 kids going to college in September and I am freeing some funds 🙂 For sale : 1 tube of 2017 Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang BU - 20 x 1 oz .999 silver - in very good condition (tube opened carefully to take pictures).....660 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 40 euros but out of stock) 1 tube of 2015 Somalia Elephant BU - 20 x 1 oz .999 silver - sealed tube, never been opened....660 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 38 euros) 10 x 2018 Chad (Tchad) Mandala Lion BU - 1 oz .999 silver - sold as bullion, most have spots/hairlines.....260 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 33 euros) Sold per tube or as a lot for the Mandala. Shipping on top, depending on the weight I will calculate costs..........bought in one lot (50 oz) shipping is on me 😉 Bank transfer - Paypal Friends (members with good reputation) - Paypal (add 4% fee) More pictures required ? please ask Greetings T👍
  7. Perhaps mintage has something to do with it......I believe the 2019 Valiant 1 oz has a mintage of 100K
  8. This is BS.....Not that I'm whishing you will ever experience problems with GS.....but boy.....I believe you would sing a little lower then
  9. I went to the dentist early this afternoon.....looks like this cub can use one too 🙂 .... or is it just me who finds the head 'out of proportion' on one side ?
  10. oh well....they might issue a 1 oz proof, 3 oz bu, maybe even a ghost tiger.....can't figure out the releases from Komsco.....ow, I forgot, maybe a ghost tiger with chiwoo privy ? ....looks like I'm a bit pissed 😕🙃
  11. OMG.....how to screw a nice series 😞 ...... they even can't figure out the seasons ? ....even in Korea summer starts.......or....are they refering to 'spring' as in 'birth of the cubs' ??? .....how on earth can you start a 'mini-serie of seasons' within an ongoing series......suddenly starting with a cub....that will grow in the next releases. Will treasure the 2018's in silver and the gold ones......allthough the 2019 1/4 oz gold not even showed up in Europe or America I believe.....for me the end of the series, unfortunately 😪
  12. yep, not seen any news on this 2020 design......and....still looking for a 1/4 oz gold 2019.....has anyone seen these/know where to order ?
  13. From a friend of a friend.....who lives in Mexico
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