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  1. Thanks Daca for keeping this topic 'alive'...I mean, 👍 for keeping us informed with new upcoming releases ! grtz T
  2. Here a lot cheaper then with RM UK......even if you include VAT to the UK.......84,xx euros for 1 oz proof .... will not last very long I believe 🙂 https://goldsilver.be/nl/home/4195-uk-1-oz-silver-the-seymour-panther-2022-1-proof-box-coa-the-royal-tudor-beasts-collection.html
  3. At what price was the 10 oz bar offered ?
  4. I will classify it as genuine.....with a mint-error. Missing 2 characters on the website notice can make it more desirable 🙂
  5. 9,1 x 5,3 x 0,6 cm ... weight I'm not sure, on my scale it was 300 grams, but the scale is not precise......but what bothers me......is the website reference on the bar.....EMETAL.COM......all pics I found (and on my 1 oz bars also) I can see ELEMETAL.COM .... which seems logical 🙂
  6. Hi all, please take a close look at the bar below, 10 oz Elemetal silver bar, sealed. Can you gents & ladies give your opinion whether this is a genuine bar please ? Weight is ok, I used a neodymium magnet on the folie...slides slowly like it should with silver (have not opened the sealed packaging. If more pics are needed, shoot. Thanks !
  7. was all financial markets related....stocks and indexes were tumbling and all PMs dropped like a rock 🙂
  8. Thanks all for the replies 🙂 much appreciated !
  9. Hi all, Has anyone bought from Florinus.lt in Litouwen ? Good - bad ? THX !
  10. I would buy a bit of both....Brtiannias & Valiants. I really like the desing on the valiants and to my knowledge, limited mintage. Very nice finish.....matte for the horse, love it. Pitty the RM did not make 1 oz 2018 valiants
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