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  1. I couldn't have put it better myself!!..respect!
  2. Can't go far wrong selling on here bud!
  3. Can you transfer crypto from revolut to a hardwallet? I only have a couple of quids worth of Bitcoin in my revolut account, but i thought you couldn't transfer it anywhere and you can only exchange it or trade with it inside revolut? I could be wrong.
  4. Amazing set Chris..bravo file!
  5. You used to be able to buy "junk silver" from the European Mint. They used to sell 1KG mixed coins loose in bags, so it could have been Dimes or Quarters or Halves or a combination of the two or of all three, but not seen any for sell there for quite a few months now so i don't know if they will ever have any back in stock. I got some through the group order with BackYard Bullion. Always worth giving European Mint a call and asking if they are getting any more stock in or not!
  6. Hello Freddie, welcome to The Silver forum!
  7. I don't know if there is less of them or not but the first few of the Queens Beasts are very sought after imo, even if there are still some about you will pay a lot more for them because they are popular and most collectors would want to buy them, particularly the first two 2 oz beasts, the Lion and the Griffin, and also the third one out the Dragon is demanding good prices now.
  8. That is stunning! Another great engraving by William Wyon. A prince Albert medal as mentioned by @LawrenceChard . Would be amazing to use the image for the next great engravers coin. Thanks for posting @trozau
  9. And well done on getting that coin @Allroad ..its a beauty!!
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