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  1. Goldfinga

    Silver Una

    Agree with you there..definitely coin porn!
  2. Iv'e used them a couple of times over the last year, they are very good!
  3. Goldfinga

    Silver Una

    You need to check on the SOLD items by ticking the tab on the left hand side of the listings page, you get a better idea on final sold prices. Even the completed listings page can be misleading.
  4. Hatton Garden Metals still have a few 20 Francs [email protected] , one of them might be an angel.
  5. Thank you @Bumble for your sound advice! I will probably go for an ETF to start and then when I have more confidence try and dabble with a few of the individual picks. I tend to like the higher risk stuff but maybe not to start with! Thanks again for your time and advice..greatly appreciated, and a great post you started!
  6. Thank [email protected] I will..and I have revolut also so I will look at how that work too!👍
  7. Thank [email protected] I very much appreciate the advice! I think it is the same with most things, and certainly very true with PM stacking/collecting..i started out about three years ago with my original plan, and that went out the window a few weeks in 🤔
  8. Thanks for the [email protected] , I will start doing a little homework and I will look at the tax free SSISA idea that you have mentioned too. And the best brokers for something like this, or wont I need them?
  9. Thanks @Kookaburracollector , I will bare these in mind!
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