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  1. Bump for the Gold 20 dollar Double Eagle Liberty. Dated 1900 and S. Francisco Mint. Price lowered from 1625.00 to 1595.00 including Special delivery and insured for the full amount...any takers on this lovely coin..this is a great price!!
  2. Bump...over two hundred points up on the gold price since i listed this coin so this is very very cheap indeed. Only around 5% premium on this coin now and I don't like to raise my prices so it is priced to sell. A lot higher at a few of the dealers that have one in stock.
  3. Bump and price lowered on the Gold 20 dollar double eagle Liberty Head. 50 pounds lower now at 1625.00. With the Gold price finishing up again on the week, and 150 pounds an ounce higher, or more than 10% higher since I listed, this is a very good price for this coin and lower than anywhere else that i can find.
  4. Bump for the last lovely coin. Just the 1900 S. Francisco Gold 20 dollar Eagle Liberty head left on the listing. Really good price if anyone is looking to buy one...way cheaper than any of the dealers that have one in stock. I I will consider reasonable offers on it if close to the asking price...this really is a good price already. Thanks.
  5. Just the 1900 (S. San Francisco) Gold 20 dollar Double Eagle Liberty head is left on this listing now. Gold is up 120 pounds an OZ since I listed this lovely coin on the 6th of Feb.. This is really low priced and cheapest than anywhere i can find, and a lot cheaper than some of the large dealers that actually have them in stock.
  6. Thanks @Colnago. Yes I think it's reasonably priced but sales have been a bit slow these last few weeks, particularly for graded proof coins. I might put this one and the 2019 PF70 Britannia in an auction if they don't sell. They are gorgeous coins and I think they will do well in one of the coin auctions.
  7. 2008 3 coin sovereign set now sold 😊. Gold up again today and highest it's been for just over a year. Just 10% premium on the 1868 Napoleon III 20 Francs and a few other lovely coins left at decent prices. Open to reasonable offers as usual.
  8. Bump..some really nice coins here guys..need to sell so open to reasonable offers..lovely premium 3 coin sovereign set in excellent condition and very fairly priced and cheapest than anywhere that I can find, low COA too...gold up as well this week.
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