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  1. My first time selling on here so I hope I am doing it right. I don't really want to part with any of my stack, but unfortunately I need the funds for my business, so needs must. I took the pictures a couple of days ago so the date written down will be the 19th of July. It took me quite a while to get it all set up and work out prices, so I am offering these at a good price to sell, with a little help from a big seller on here who was kind enough to advise me on what prices to offer these at for hopefully a quick sale. I have not sold before but I have bought from many members on here in the past and a few times from the group orders which were arranged by Backyardbullion. My pictures were taken by my mobile and seem to be pretty good, but if you need any more taken then let me know and I will take more individual ones. All the gold on offer is in excellent condition, just some very faint surface marks on the back of the bigger bar, and a very small red dot on the multi-bar, but these are insignificant really and just mentioning for accuracy. All the coins are in beautiful condition. Any questions at all, PM me please! 1899 old head Victoria sovereign Melbourne mint 335.00 1900 old head Victoria sovereign Melbourne mint 335.00 SOLD 1911 George V sovereign 335.00 1912 George V sovereign 335.00 2x 1913 George V sovereigns 335.00 each 2004 QEII carded sovereign and sealed in Royal mint bag 340.00 SOLD 2x 2012 QEII sovereigns sealed in Royal Mint plastic sleeve 340.00 each 2017 QEII sovereign (with 200 year privy mark) 340.00 SOLD 1907 French Gold 20 Franc Rooster/Marianne 275 SOLD 1913 Swiss Gold 20 Franc Helvetia 275 2015 Royal Mint Lunar year of thy sheep 1/4 oz fine gold coin 355 SOLD 2005 American Eagle/ Walking Liberty 1/4 oz fine gold 370 SOLD Sharps Pixley 1/2 OZ fine gold bar, 670.00 (less than 2% premium added to spot at latest prices) Valcambi Suisse 10x1 gram 999.9 fine gold multibar 455.00. SOLD The 2012 sovereigns are in a Royal Mint vacuum sleeve, the 2004 sovereign is carded and in a Royal Mint bag, all other sovereigns are in capsules and protective ring, the two 20 Franc coins are also in capsules and protected rings, the 1/4 oz American Eagle is in a capsule and the 2015 Lunar coin is in a twist capsule. The 1/2 oz Sharps Pixley bar and Valcambi bar are not in Capsules. Postage is on top of the price, special delivery is best as it insures the parcel. If you buy two or more items, I will charge just 5 pounds for SD postage, if you buy 4 or more items, postage will be paid for by myself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to message me. Thank you. Goldfinga 😀
  2. Mine looked pretty good also!
  3. I think the coin is still very sought after IMO, and this is based on what the coins sell for on ebay now. This is for sold listings on ebay and mainly for the circulated 50 pence Kew Gardens. I have been keeping an eye on the prices since I actually found one myself in a 10 pound bag of 50 pences that I got from the bank. I don't know what the prices are like for the silver proof ones or the BU ones compared to what they were on release, but again IMHO, I feel that the circulated coin is still in strong demand and sought after, and comparing the price then to now, it seems that it has slowly and steadily risen in price, and that was from about three years ago when I acquired mine. I hope this help.
  4. If you don't delete your read emails, the way I don't, then I think you should have a checkout email from the seller and you'll be able to get their username..or maybe even from any feedback given or received from them.
  5. I agree totally with Mr BYB! This is only my opinion but I would think that the more sought after of the Queens Beasts collection are the English Lion, the Griffin, and a close third would be the Red Dragon Of Wales, maybe a slight difference in collectability between the bullion coins and the proof coins, but again IMHO, and this is just my opinion, the Griffin would be a good one to have in most of it's denominations and sizes, as probably the most sought after one in the collection and it is also the last proof of the series to come out, even though the bullion was the second coin out of the ten in the series that was released.
  6. Goldfinga


    Atkinsons are based in Birmingham buddy.
  7. Goldfinga


    Bought many times from them, one of the best in the country IMO
  8. It's a beautiful coin and one that most people would like to own so prices will be strong for a while yet!
  9. Sorry I had to edit out and erase..got the info wrong
  10. Yes I totally agree with you, they are excellent! I did an order with them for the first time a couple of months ago and communication was great, delivery was fast and the coins well packaged..and the price was the best at that time too.
  11. Hello, yes I have bought from them. I got quite a big order from them so I took a bit of a chance considering it was the first time I used them and I have not heard of them previously, but the order came safe and sound, and at the time I got some very cheap 1 oz perth coins, so i was very happy. There was however a little mix-up with my order, which caused a long delay for delivery, bassically what happened was they didn't have all the coins that I ordered in stock, so the order didn't get processed, but when that was realised it then just took a few days for the coins to be delivered. Communication was very good though, and you can call them and speak to them, and they always reply to emails, so In my experience and my opinion they are good. Goldfinga
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