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  1. Goldfinga


    Atkinsons are based in Birmingham buddy.
  2. Goldfinga


    Bought many times from them, one of the best in the country IMO
  3. Yes I am a big fan and I always watched her Kitco interviews. She left Kitco a few months ago as she was expecting to have a baby. The Chinese gentleman that replaced her is actually a very good interviewer, he has quite good knowledge and asks the right questions, but he is not as cute as our Daniela of course.
  4. It's a beautiful coin and one that most people would like to own so prices will be strong for a while yet!
  5. Sorry I had to edit out and erase..got the info wrong
  6. Yes I totally agree with you, they are excellent! I did an order with them for the first time a couple of months ago and communication was great, delivery was fast and the coins well packaged..and the price was the best at that time too.
  7. Hello, yes I have bought from them. I got quite a big order from them so I took a bit of a chance considering it was the first time I used them and I have not heard of them previously, but the order came safe and sound, and at the time I got some very cheap 1 oz perth coins, so i was very happy. There was however a little mix-up with my order, which caused a long delay for delivery, bassically what happened was they didn't have all the coins that I ordered in stock, so the order didn't get processed, but when that was realised it then just took a few days for the coins to be delivered. Communi
  8. Goldfinga

    Silver Una

    Agree with you there..definitely coin porn!
  9. Iv'e used them a couple of times over the last year, they are very good!
  10. Goldfinga

    Silver Una

    You need to check on the SOLD items by ticking the tab on the left hand side of the listings page, you get a better idea on final sold prices. Even the completed listings page can be misleading.
  11. Hatton Garden Metals still have a few 20 Francs left@MrTT , one of them might be an angel.
  12. In my opinion and experience they are one of the best for bullion stuff, and if they have quite a large quantity in of a particular coin, they will even pick the better ones out for you if you ask them nicecly enough 😁
  13. Very well done @ChrisSilver, many congratulations on this achievement and a massive thank you for creating the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community.
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