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  1. Thanks to all advice / opinions given, they helped me reach a decision, followed by a very quick sale which took place on the sales forum which i think was a good deal for all involved. Thsnks again myblueheaven
  2. Thanks Steve If thats the case i would be happy with that. It would get me a couple more sovereigns.
  3. @Robda1986 & @Pete Thanks for your posts. I only want a fair price but not sure I have the time to sell 24 individual coins, possibly try and sell as two lots or all 24. I would consider exchanging for 2 full & 1 half sovereign, i think thats a good exchange. Thanks again
  4. Hello and thanks for the response. They are bullion coins. After a bit of digging, to buy at Chards etc these coins are worth more than what they stand me. To collectors i'm not sure. Spot silver price they are worth less. Do you have any idea how much i could expect, i'm not greedy just dont want to lose. Wish would have just stuck to collecting sovereigns, much easier to move on. Thanks again
  5. Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone can shed a little light or advice on my query. I have two full sets of the 1oz Perth Lunar 2 series, 1 set in red box, 1 set not, just in plastic capsules. I am thinking of selling or swapping for sovereigns. Ive worked out that each set stands me at £384.02 Whats the real value of these sets and if i put them on the sale section do you think there will be any interest in sales or swaps. I know anything is worth what someone will pay but i have no idea if this has been a good or bad investment by me. I tend to believe adding sovereigns to my collection would suit me better. Any advice greatly appreciated. Myblueheaven.
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