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  1. With Gold at $1,950 many coin collectors do not know what to do!
  2. Having seen more modern proofs than i ever thought possible Steve, what you say does apply to some extent but 80% of 69's do show imperfections and 95% of 70's graded in NON bulk grading do not show imperfections. Sure - mistakes are made but take the Una's my Lord they were made badly and almost all coins I saw had issues and the very few 70's mostly deserved them. In the USA where large dealers grade say 1000 silver eagles at a time some DUD 70's do get through. Here mostly any duds develop spots etc or haze after grading
  3. Does the new Innovation in Science have the right DNA? | Royal Mint Gold 50p Rosalind Franklin 1952
  4. It is just not an attractive coin or maybe I just cant see it. Its 350 minted because the RM know its unattractive as the price and gold spot is at an all time high. A pass from me on this one for now - perhaps a regret perhaps not?
  5. Almost all people pay after bidding and not to pay for an auction win is a pretty serious thing.
  6. eBAY sellers are not as trusted in many ways as the CC Auction and there are issues with expensive coins being sold on ebay since there is a lot of fraud. My own preference would be to use CC rather than ebay and where I have sold on CC prices have been as good or better than the net return on ebay. The only downside is that the wait for payment is slightly longer. I am not sure many of us are willing to post to an unknown buyer in Japan who can use eBAY/Paypal to deny delivery and reverse the transaction.
  7. The 2oz proofs do well for several reasons: 1. The mintages are 500 though the Una was 3000 2. For Queen and Elton they have been Enhanced and so far a big thing has not been made of this but it perhaps should be. The 007 2oz was also Enhanced. The design has actually been much more detailed for the 2oz versions. 3. The 2oz Una fetched £38,000 in a recent Japanese auction and has a mintage of 250. The 2oz queen has a mintage of 53 and sold for £22k last month. This was repeated today with £21,500 for the PCGS graded Queen coin. The 2oz SIlver coins are facimile versions of the 2oz gold with the Enhanced design. As the Una gold rose in price the Una silver followed in 70 hitting £1500 or so in 70. The Queen 2 OZ Silver is following the £22k for the gold with prices of £1300 or so.
  8. Maybe someone mistook it for the very rare 2012 MS 1/4oz sovereign but that was a bit of a surprise
  9. Next week I am opening consignment to the next month end Coin Cabinet auction. Sellers premium is 10% please PM me with interesting items for next month
  10. The Queen 2oz gold sale at £21,500 was solid given the last month sale at £22k. I think that the 2oz gold Elton has the potential to do even better than this with a mintage that is slightly lower and an assumption that Elton would have some of these coins stashed away. Strong demand for the Una even at 69 and the 007 1oz Gold and 2oz Silver Queen did amazingly well.
  11. Buying coins on eBay - When things go wrong!!! | NOT A PODCAST #1
  12. My shoes hurt so I created my own pair with help from Carmina Shoes of Mallorca
  13. Charles 1 gold Unite and NGC Mega Numismatic Results both united just for your entertainment
  14. Look at CC sold listings it’s a good place to get market prices for grades coins. Shawy spot on but maybe quarter at the higher end
  15. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes .... | Mesmerising Elton, brilliant Mega NGC Results
  16. Have you been a winner playing the grading game? | Lets see how the players did this week!
  17. Did they do well? The NGC Mega results are here with the first video in a small series
  18. The Elton John music legends coins are here in the flesh! | Silver 2oz and Colorized 1oz first.
  19. All distributors and RM partners have allocations to sell. RM runs a fairly complex multi-channel marketing program. I think many people assume a much more simplistic program and moan that they sold out in 5 mins but access can be given to Web Sales, Mint marque, Sales/Telephone, Distribution, International and Dealers who will all have allocations. If the web has sold out it does no harm calling or forming a friendship with a sales representative.
  20. My understanding is that the designs of these coins are based on elements approved by each copyright holders company and that the designs are fully approved by the Artists or copyright owners. This is to a large extent a licensing release not one that is the full choice of RM in terms of bands. Personally I like the design very much. It is simple and effective like many things that are successful. There is room for much better engraved intricate designs for example on the next Great engravers coin.
  21. The 5oz silver one is available for pre-order at Koin club or some such see this thread. If you want the 5oz gold please let me know and I will help you get one.
  22. The 2oz gold sold out within 1 minute
  23. Almost all modern mints do exactly the same thing though. Perth, Canada etc they have a large number of releases and many variations and generally the strategy has changed considerably from say 15 or even 10 years ago. Before it was larger mint runs with fewer variations and smaller number of releases. Just look at proof sovereign mintages of a few years ago compared to the last 5 years. With technology they can scale and do economical limited runs and they have worked out that the collector market is happeir with 20 x 1000 mintages compared to 1 x 20,000 mintage run. I agree with this strategy as it provides collectors with things to collect. I take the view that modern coin collecting and bullion stacking has been leading the way in recent years and tomorrows numismatic collectors will come from today's modern coin collectors as the older ones die off. Flipping is the excitement that feeds the growth of the hobby. False rarity or finding an error coin or a variety are the fuel the will ensure we all have a healthy hobby. Its a sad fact that if the mint produced more than the market needed most of the time then this would not encourage collecting it would kill collecting. Already 95% of the commemorative coins minted are financial losers for most buyers but at the same time most buyers like it if a couple of buys have a value that grows in the secondary market.
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