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  1. Hi, as per title I am after a Queen Anne's Revenge 1oz and 5oz coin if anyone has one they want to part with, thank you.
  2. I came home one day in the current lock down to find a parcel on the floor in front of my front door. When I got inside and opened the bag it turned out to be a £600 platinum proof coin I had purchased on eBay, luckily I live in a decent area but made me think of what could of gone wrong.
  3. Oh I just noticed these are 1oz bars, is number 067 available?
  4. d13avo

    The Queens Beasts

    Please could someone explain these coins to me. I am new to gold coin investing/collecting and I have heard that these particular coins at the moment are doing well. I would be interested in the 1/4 oz gold version at 7 grams but am struggling to find info on them. What I have found so far but please could someone confirm this is correct, that these coins only started in 2016 with the lion of England and their are ten beasts. Does this mean the Royal Mint release ten different beast coins every year? So is there a 2017 lion, unicorn, etc and then 2018 lion, unicorn etc Apologies if this has been answered but I cannot find the answer. I'm interested in these coins but want the correct facts, thank you.
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