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  1. 2oz Royal Mint PF70 graded Three Graces 2020 with original capsule and packaging £1900 posted Special delivery
  2. For Sale 2021 Royal Mint Queen’s Beasts five ounce silver proof completer £1100 posted Special Delivery just reduced to £925.00 posted
  3. I am selling my Three Graces Alderney First Strike graded £5 silver proof PR70DCAM £800 to include Special delivery post
  4. It’s arrived my 5 ounce silver proof and what a beauty it is and very well presented
  5. Managed to get a silver five ounce one at 9.06 then they were sold out. But have had notification it’s been despatched 😀
  6. Greater on the RM one and a more natural looking coin but I do like the presentation of the Alderney one and the size.
  7. And so it arrived maybe a day later than most but it looks brilliant. Goes well alongside my Alderney one
  8. Still waiting !! Tracking says it arrived at my local depot at 3.14am. Not out for delivery. May have to wait until tomorrow 😬
  9. Mine not arrived yet either. Had the normal post but not the parcel I am waiting for eagerly
  10. Will they change it for you you don’t want a refund 😳 I always wonder how they do this If a few complained that there were flaws and they said they would change it. His can they do that if they have made the allocated number. Do they have a few spares do you think ?
  11. Oh gosh imagine the excitement of opening it and find it has a scratch or something on it 😬
  12. Just had my email from the Mint confirming despatch phew
  13. Same here my order says completed and dispatched to my address but never received an actual email from Royal Mint.
  14. Yes I had this too. I haven’t completed it yet will wait until my delivery arrives 😂
  15. Yes I’ve had one as well
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