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  1. Yes I had this too. I haven’t completed it yet will wait until my delivery arrives 😂
  2. Yes I’ve had one as well
  3. Mine has said that as well. I would think from that it’s ready to post out.
  4. I would think it means it’s ready to be sent. It would say cancelled not completed if you weren’t going to get it
  5. No just means it’s confirmed
  6. My email came through at 9.12 but mine is still showing As an open order so far. There were over 3,000 in queue in front of me but it went very fast think a lot looked and didn’t buy. Hope you get your coin
  7. I was number 3143 when I joined the queue and my order is still there. It went quite fast the queue and my confirmation email says 9.12am
  8. All the coins listed on eBay have been removed 😂
  9. That £7400 coin just sold 😱
  10. Westminster just had a few for sale but they have gone now
  11. I’m sure the remaining Alderney’s will be snapped up quickly now these sold out so fast
  12. I understood it would be one coin type only but maybe got that wrong
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