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  1. On top of that milk spots are crazy even if one obtains a 70. Once upon a time there is a frenzy with the 2014 Britannia silver proof. Nowadays many PF70s I came across have spotted, either from NGC or PCGS. Hope it fares better for this coin but I’m skeptical.
  2. Can’t wait for it to arrive!
  3. Saved and sold a lot of my other coins to get this one, and what a beauty! 1826 George IV Sovereign Proof NGC PF66UC.
  4. APMEX 2oz gold una back in stock now
  5. haha I just received the notification from APMEX and thought maybe there is a slim chance they will price it as the issue price? Open the link and immediately laughed🤑
  6. I’m amazed by the story of George III guineas. In 1761 three artists tried their best to make a nice portrait for the king who is not easily pleased. Richard Yeo’s version here (which is my favorite) is the most realistic one but not flattering to the king.
  7. Sold my una and lion 2oz gold proof coin and used the profit to buy a 1761 Yeo Pattern Guinea in recent BSJ auction. I receive the coin today and really like it!
  8. I saw one at Altas Numismatics but full brown already, lovely design. Amazing this coin still retains red brown given the century it went through.
  9. Won this fascinating George III pattern guinea at BSJ auction today in a spirited bidding... Exceedingly rare in any grade. The other 1761 WR84 pattern guinea in PCGS population is one graded PR63 and is now in the Tyrant Collection.
  10. Heard a lot of quality issues causing delays.
  11. Libertads are my favorite and just received this amazing 2014 set in perfect grades:
  12. I was told the mint is having a lot of trouble with the coin due to the depth of the cameo, hope those who got it recently grade well! There is even rumor saying the mint may give up on the series.. hopefully not
  13. This sale is now more than the 70 graded special version sold in US a week ago... shocking
  14. Let’s have some bidding fun here as well and relive the last 24 seconds...
  15. Here comes the graded version. Awe-inspiring coin! The only problem is it's hard to photograph (updated with better lighting)...
  16. GovMint released the special packaging version (NGC PF70 FR) of the 2oz una and lion gold proof today, I was told they have 5 and each would cost $25,000. The crazy things is, all was sold out in 1min
  17. Just got the 1911 double sovereign today (PCGS PR67DCAM), amazing coin! Here’s the TrueView image from PCGS:
  18. There is also corner lettering which is more interesting than the privy
  19. The elusive snowman, in my view one of the most beautiful 50p designs.
  20. Some new amazing results back from PCGS.
  21. I can answer this question as I’ve went through countless of these. Short answer: PCGS will NOT honor NGC early release, first release, or FDOI. If you got one back with same label, consider yourself lucky. If you submit a coin with these label, PCGS will give you a call or send an email asking if you still want to proceed if losing the special label. Numistacker may know if the reverse holds true, but I think NGC probably wouldn’t honor PCGS first strike label as well?
  22. Mine looked fine when I got it and is now in the hands of PCGS gods. Will share the trueview image once graded - I think some of the original flaws on the coin probably doesn’t impact grading unless apparent. I see these from non proof versions of the platinum coins issued by US mint all the time.
  23. I believe 250 sets only. Also it comes with a letter from the Royal Mint saying there is mistake on the COA card.
  24. Finally got a chance to buy this set from the bay... sending to PCGS for grading shortly. So excited!
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