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  1. Forgive me if this is being discussed elsewhere on the forum; I can't find anything This doesn't seem to be getting the coverage it should and there are only 15k views of it in the last few days. Low key perhaps intentionally ? https://www.imf.org/external/mmedia/view.aspx?vid=6200738336001
  2. Think these have been minted every year since 2016 ? Looking for either the two coin set or just the Reverse on its own. All grades considered Thanks
  3. Think these have been minted every year since 2016 ? Looking for either the two coin set or just the Reverse on its own. Thanks
  4. I'll take this if I may please. If so PM me your payment details pls mate.
  5. Loved the first two. Third (tiger) I disliked so much I didn't bother getting it.
  6. I phoned the Royal Mint the other day about a proof coin I'd received which had some obvious flaws. The lady who answered was likeable and polite. She talked through the Mints standards and quality control. Word for word she said their 'quality control is naked eye and at arm's length'. She seemed genuinely surprised and taken aback when I suggested this was a poor show compared to other national mints.
  7. Agreed. The gold looks ok, but the coloured is stunning in hand.
  8. It was on the splash page for the series earlier in the year. The page just links to the coins sets now but originally it said : edit : if you do a google search on royal mint music legends it still shows in the description, but not when you go to the page :
  9. From the Mint itself : There is only one coin left in this series - RM stated it was a series of three at launch - would love to see Bowie as Aladdin Sane (as he's dead his face could appear).
  10. Disagree strongly, especially on the gold versions. And Elton Johns worldwide pull dwarfs Queens and his version has smaller mintages. The jury is out on the silver versions, though I'm not pessimistic about their potential.
  11. No first day cover. Did that release later for Queen ?
  12. Received mine from gs.be today. Just a stunning coin - the equal of any of the Perth Lunar series. This is going to be a hit.
  13. I'll take this please James. pm'ed
  14. Even by your figures Germany has nearly three times as many ICU trained nurses as we have. That's presently a significant limiting factor in who gets care and who doesn't in the UK - trained staff not just number of beds and we have a severe shortage of them. Let's not also forget that even by our much lower staffing levels we have a shortage of 50,000 nurses (my wife is one). Mental health in particular is absolutely decimated. Down from 25,503 beds to 18,182 Germany shared all its testing development with the WHO. We turned down using it. You're putting word
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