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  1. @Kman I think for a starter they are nice watches also around that price range you can get nice Tags. Quite a few different ones on beaverbrooks. Here is an example https://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/0114230/TAG-Heuer-Aquaracer-Mens-Watch/p . I am not sure if they keep a lot of their value though.
  2. JosephM

    completed (By Platinum Member) Black bull of Clarence 1oz Gold

    Sold for £1600 on Ebay with £1 selling fees.
  3. JosephM

    completed (By Platinum Member) Black bull of Clarence 1oz Gold

    Bump. Ends tomorrow on ebay.
  4. @PampfanThanks very much for the info mate. So if im reading right you have a 1oz with glass and 5 gram without. Would you be willing to sell any?
  5. JosephM

    completed (By Platinum Member) Black bull of Clarence 1oz Gold

  6. 2 bets i put on a while back. I have 1 more on another betting account to. A nice gold purchase if trump wins 😀
  7. I keep up on this thread and still hate that i sent my silver back due to marks. It was one of the nicest coins I had as well. But thats royal mint quality for you. The price on the gold is unreal @Paul. I don't know if you are like me but usually when you can make a profit its really hard because you are attached to it now. If not even better though
  8. JosephM

    completed (By Platinum Member) Black bull of Clarence 1oz Gold

    Please look at the pictures as there are some lovely marks from the royal mint included. Around the bulls neck. Price £1600 including special delivery insured. Bank transfer. Thanks for looking.
  9. @AuricGoldfinger it also illuminates green but i couldnt really get a good angle of that mate. Yes, it was 6850 on watches of switzerland. Comes with a free watch winder and also comes with a leather strap which i can picture to if interested. I probably won't wear that.
  10. @Peacemaker cheers mate. Been looking at the stainless steel for quite a while. When i seen it in black with the rubber band it was so much nicer i thought.
  11. After working 2 and a half years on temporary contracts. Finally made full time and treated myself.
  12. Anyone know where I can get one of these. On the site they have a few listed companies in the UK that sell them but cant see them on the websites. Thanks.
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