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  1. I would disagree hes a scam merchant. He has successfully put 2 men in space much faster than boeing. Even though Nasa gave space X much less funding. Boeing have a long track record of working with nasa and space x is new and still much further ahead. Also the flight you have mentioned above was just a test to 150m which was successful. So now they are closer to getting to mars than they were before the test.
  2. @Kman thanks. I had been looking at SSLN. it says its an ETC . I have tried reading on google. Not really simple terms when reading explanations maybe will need a video. All i got from it was it says etfs have less 3rd party risk.
  3. Welcome! I think jumping in at all time highs and expecting a profit in 2 years is very risky. But what do i know if you look at the premiums on silver you will need quite a further gain again to sell at a profit because when bought you will be starting in the negative due to the premiums. gold has a lower premium.
  4. I have been drip feeding some money into vanguard s&p 500 shares since the start of the virus @KDave. I just think that there is not much worth selling for. Unless people are just sitting on the cash to realise profits.
  5. Just wondering with the recent rise in Gold & Silver - I see a lot of sales on the forum. What is everyone putting the cash into? I will make a decent profit if I were to sell but I can't see anything else that is worth buying.
  6. Its been a while but finally have just bought the 1oz gold horse of hannover. Watch the price plummet
  7. Im tempted 😂 the last one is out in september at this rate itll be about 2k.
  8. Its going to be hard to buy the last 2 of the 1oz gold queens beasts for me 😥😥
  9. Hi byb can i get on the waiting list. Thanks
  10. @Vishy yes this has been the argument of pumpers for a long time. All I will say is do your own research. That way you will be happy either way as you can't blame anyone.
  11. It won't matter whether 2018 or 2019 they have nothing special to them to add more in the future. Also because of the virus premiums are crazy right now. These premiums will come down in the coming months when things start to reopen. I just dont think its worth getting into right now to lose a good bit of your money on over premium.
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