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  1. Im tempted 😂 the last one is out in september at this rate itll be about 2k.
  2. Its going to be hard to buy the last 2 of the 1oz gold queens beasts for me 😥😥
  3. Hi byb can i get on the waiting list. Thanks
  4. @Vishy yes this has been the argument of pumpers for a long time. All I will say is do your own research. That way you will be happy either way as you can't blame anyone.
  5. It won't matter whether 2018 or 2019 they have nothing special to them to add more in the future. Also because of the virus premiums are crazy right now. These premiums will come down in the coming months when things start to reopen. I just dont think its worth getting into right now to lose a good bit of your money on over premium.
  6. @Troy77 yeh just incase its in a drawer somewhere. Don't think i would need it but just incase. I have the invoice to so probably pointless. To add to your other question. I bought a 100oz bar recently off the top of my head it was like £13.87 or something an ounce delivered. Now it is more to buy that bar. If i wanted to sell right now my price would be inbetween that and the price for a bar with Vat. I wouldnt be selling if silver was cheaper. Im holding long term so I would always want to take delivery.
  7. With the silver baird bars i don't think it matters. I kept the plastic film but not on the bars. Never seen it matter in the sales thread. I would keep gold bars in certi cards but. If in the plastics cards id probably just keep them in it but the bigger bars with just the thin film dont think it matters at all. For example the 100oz silver bar. Selling on here would be cheaper than someone buying it from bairds or elsewhere because of vat. So they are going to pay you before going to bairds and paying with vat for a film over it.
  8. Looking to pay £425 including delivery. If anyone has one available at that kind of price. Thanks.
  9. @Blehhhh mistake but you get the point spend your 10k on coins
  10. @Safestacker If you put all your money into one bar to get it closest to spot as possible. You are going to only be able to sell it to a dealer most likely. which will be attached to spot. it wont gain premium or anything. If you have 10k you'd be better with 1oz coins. Go and do a bit of research on some that will hold a premium or go up. Unless you think gold is going to shoot the moon putting 10k in 1 bar in my opinion would be the worst option.
  11. Well done everyone! Thanks again @Roy
  12. No you can checkout as guest. Pay the deposit with card. then an email is sent to you with details. you pay the remaining balance by bank transfer. Optional: I would phone and ask if they received it. (I have in the past).
  13. @sovereignsteve watching on cnbc they said how if they turn everything off there is still a backlog in the supply chain that will need emptied. For if they cant store it there solution not sure if a suggestion or true was to burn it.
  14. @SilverPirate007 good to be optimistic. From what I have read I'm not betting on a vaccine. I think it will get to a point that there are no new cases and the world will move on like with sars before. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/sars/ Unless this is wrong. Says they never got a vaccine last time. Watching old videos on youtube. The hype at the time before was the same - for a vaccine but it died out.
  15. @SilverPirate007 the government have done a good job with handouts. I think that is a main reason for the public to be happy on lockdown - for now. I don't know about it being the wealthy often shouting the loudest. The longer this lasts the worse everyones financial position will be.
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