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  1. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3226938?mainwebsite=1 White Lion of Mortimer... Usually takes a couple of months from the official gazette announcement. Added 0 minutes later... Sorry link may not work..
  2. You are registered as a sole trader but you only have to charge VAT on goods or services conducted as part of your business. You can still do things in a personal capacity separate from the business activities. E.g. you could sell some old furniture on eBay and not have to charge VAT. The snag is that the group order is so related to your business, brand development etc.
  3. They were cupro nickel back then so just somehow worn out. I wish they'd bring back the thistle design!
  4. Sounds like we may be able to squeeze a couple more in before Brexit now?!
  5. It wouldn't be a series, but an Irish bullion coin with a shamrock or harp could do well. Has the traditional zodiac been done rather than the lunar calendar?
  6. Maybe just a response to the previous day's sell - off?
  7. I think the past few years have been fantastic. Will continue to collect for sure!
  8. Apparently they plan it all at least 2 years in advance of release but you can email them suggestions (but need to think a few years ahead!)
  9. VAT is always neutral for a VAT registered trader in that they pay over what they have received to, and reclaim what they have had to pay from, HMRC. The end consumer is always the one who bears the cost of VAT so even if a (VAT registered) non profit entity bought the silver and reclaimed the VAT, it would then have to charge VAT to the people it was distributing to.
  10. Silver tarnishing can occur through exposure to hydrogen sulfide in the air (occurring "naturally" but in ever higher concentrations since industrialisation). Don't know if milk spots are a symptom of this or are exacerbated by it. Damn annoying when it happens!
  11. Hopefully one day, in an open and honest way!
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