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  1. resorted to ebay.com, there are still a few listings in the USA but none left for price I just paid - cheapest now I can see is $199 + shipping and then probably taxes
  2. Terrible looking at this thread - just had to have that map and now just paid stupid money for 1oz of silver from halfway across the real world
  3. Unusually I quite like the colourised versions, however the prices for all of these are just too high for me.
  4. Even the marketing picture includes a hair/mark now
  5. I think the "crazy" is just starting, feels like this coin is going to go on to much higher prices
  6. Looking at the sellers other listings and past feedback would suggest its legit
  7. It's grown on me, its unusual - decided to buy it, must be mad
  8. It wont "collapse", they will just keep increasing the pension age, suppose its the same thing really though
  9. Your only saying that as you know there will be no Burton stores left open
  10. Sums it up nicely I think, will be even worse for next coin
  11. It is legit, you can invest in physical precious metals under a pension tax shelter such as SIPP. Royal Mint offer it as a product https://www.royalmint.com/invest/gold-for-pensions/ Personally don't think there is much "risk" in holding with them but of course there are the *charges* (royal mint/other bullion service provider + probably your SIPP provider) and your pension fund technically owns the gold not you directly so you wont even get to see/hold it/never take possession of it in gold form
  12. What is the extra you will pay as seems cheaper? You say that price is with VAT and delivery included or was that some form of local VAT charged by LPM so you will also have to pay the UK VAT as well on top?
  13. I must be hungry, when I saw the title of this thread I expected something like this
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