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  1. Not a biker, not since having a reasonable off from a125cc at 17 and breaking a few ribs etc. Now an old git and one of the things I been thinking about after lock down is doing my test and getting a bike. anyone any idea how hard bike test is these days?
  2. I believe there is a virus but it's not as deadly as they first thought to most people under 65 years old and/or without existing health problem, but we were so under prepared for anything like this, with this high "R" rate they had to lock down to stop the flooding of NHS.
  3. and I thought by now me and most of my mates who stuffed loads of burgers in our youth would be dead of Mad Cows disease by now, instead turned out just a bit mad
  4. I think the BAME rate is related to Vitamin D levels, its known that this group has higher levels of insufficiency. and nail on the head for Women v Men 85+ deaths.
  5. yes your right, I personally do think the current system will survive (well for few more years yet) but never thought I would ever experience other aspects of current situation either though
  6. Grabbed these from the latest ONS report, looks like if you are under 65 you have very little risk and that now we are actually under the 5 year average death rate per day. The big question outstanding is % of the population who have had the virus for context.
  7. indeed these are strange times and just my guess, I don't agree that that pandemic will last for years. But even if it does society will adapt and people will still need somewhere to live and if anything will want a better place to live (if they stuck in it all the time). As long as interest rates are low, house prices wont crash, they are just too cheap to own ATM, for example TSB residential interest only mortgage offer: Decent House, Value:£400,000 - borrow £300,000 (75%LTV) @1.24% = monthly payment of £310 - that's cheaper than a lot of people pay to lease/buy a car.
  8. No house price crash - possibly a temp blip, but interest rates are now 0.1%, lots of money printing and still too many people and not enough houses , may even be people who did invest in the stock market and got burnt/scared now looking at bricks and motar Mortgage companies have pulled high LTV for the time being but they will return. However, reckon there will be plenty of cheap high street shops.
  9. To achieve what you are aiming for you will need to spit your network into trusted and untrusted segments at both a layer3 (IP) and Layer2 (VLAN level) and restrict access between them so both can reach the internet but can not talk to each other directly without going through a security device firewall allowing you to specify what is allowed/not allowed. Typical way to do this is a Firewall(security appliance) and a VLAN aware Ethernet switch / VLAN aware WiFi access points. . Will look something like this [--------Ports in VLAN1---connect trusted devices Phone line --- Modem(if required)--- Firewall ==="Trunk" port VLANS1 and 2====switch--[ --------Ports in VLAN2 --- connect untrusted devices [===="trunk port" to VLAN aware WIFI APs [---- SSID 1 (VLAN1) ---trusted devices [---- SSID 2 (VLAN2) - untrusted devices (smart hubs etc) Unifi provide good products around £4/500 cost for basic version of above upwards depending on performance, no of devices etc with very good GUI interface/easy to setup and manage.
  10. Cooked (baked) my first loaf of bread - surprised how well it turned out considering first attempt and using Splet flour as cant get hold of normal strong white.
  11. The "have I had it" testing and if/how long you are immune for and how many people have actually had it will determine some of this. If you know you have had it and immune then most likely you will go back to being in crowds, life as before etc. However the people who are still yet to have it and certainly the at risk group wont be so keen as long as the virus is still around and that's likely to have some lasting impact on the profit of those business that these groups will stay away from (potently huge portion of certain markets). We all lived through the 2008 recession and to me personally that was a walk in the park to this (only just allowed to still go for walk in the park atm) yes some banks went bust and there was lots of liquidity problems but look at the scale of the money being flooded in now, planes are all parked up, everything is shut etc. its seems to me to be a whole different massive level of carp hitting the fan so yeah I think its going to be alot worse.
  12. Will take one please - pm me payment details
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