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  1. Just struggling to find a couple of coins over here
  2. Thanks byb what a pain in the arse
  3. May of been asked but wondering if I ordered some gold from say coin invest or goldsilver. Be would I get charged vat on that when it comes into UK? Never charged before just wondering if changed now out of eu
  4. Looking for lunar gold fractionals and gold kooks from size 1/20 to 1/4 message me what ya got
  5. Hi looking for lunar gold Perth mint fractional 1/20th, 1/10th and 1/4 pm me what you got thanks
  6. Not sure box shows 50th motiff... Perhaps camera hasn't picked up the privy... The box isn't in real good shape from pictures... From my memory there was 15k proof with privvy and 1000000 bu that year
  7. It was brought out to celebrate 50 years of the krug see the privy on coin
  8. These were the 1st silver krug brought out this is the proof at max 15000 limit.... I've sold a couple recently at what I purchased them at which is £150 plus postage I've also got a NGC graded ultra cameo pf70 perfect proof but that's £550 quid!
  9. Thanks Richard the croft I have 5 available
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