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  1. 650 in queue and managed to get a 2oz silver, fancied 2oz gold and was prepared to pay£4,000 but not £5,000 way too much.. no problems paying.
  2. Talk to @SilverStan as i bought one from him last year, he imports them at a very reasonable price.
  3. Check out https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-WTAHK/2019-5-pounds-2-oz-silver-proof-una-the-lion-ngc-pf-70-ultra-cameo-6027313-101-box-coa Its now £3600!!!!
  4. I've ordered thousand of pounds worth of gold and silver from them and have had nothing from them apart from superb service, you place the order, you get an order come through, pay into there bank and the products are usually delivered within a week, I did have one order that arrived by UPS partially bust open but could not tell if anything missing, rang them while the courier waited, they said reject it, was sent back to them check and repackaged and was back with me within 7 days.. Taking cards is expensive for businesses ( as i know from my card costs) which is why they would rather you pay by bank transfer.. A very trustworthy company on my experience.
  5. I've spent over £10K with Coininvest.com & Silver-to-go.com and never had an issue, ordered on website, transferred money and goods usually arrived within 7 working days..
  6. I agree, to be able to view listings & excluding completed would help lots..
  7. Talk to @SilverStan he imports them at a reasonable cost, I know as i've just ordered one from him..
  8. Wow, dont think i've seen coins that badly marked. i've always been put off ordering from them due to having to pay in Euros and having to pay the courier separately, although i'm sure most orders probably dont have issues but its just pain when it happens to you. I've spent over £25k with silver-to-go.com/Coininvest.com over the past 3 years, you pay in £'s (inc delivery) into their uk bank account, usually delivered within 2-3 days, prices are as good too. I've never had any issues with coins.. I had one heavy box that had a split in it which i rejected (as they tell you to) it went back to Germany, was opened checked, repacked and was redelivered within a week. I hope they sort this out for you.
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