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  1. Maybe try looking into Turkish wedding mirrors?
  2. Something a bit different, a vintage Indian ten tolas silver bar from the 1950s
  3. Hi @Troy77 This type of coin is not really in my field of interest, but i can tell you the E bay seller bidancient (aka EFTIS) is on The Ancient Coin forum list of notorious fake sellers. So maybe your dad is right to be skeptical
  4. Latest arrival for the collection a Caracalla Roman Denarius son of Septimius Severus minted in Rome 209 AD. Caracalla ruled as Roman Emperor from 198 to 217 AD, he was assassinated by a disaffected soldier in 217 on a campaign against the Parthian Empire. The reverse shows Liberalitas the Goddess Virtue of giving freely and generosity holding an abacus and cornacopia. Another 3 grams of silver for the stack
  5. 9CT should have hall marks on the rim
  6. barney


    Sweating In the process of sweating, coins were placed in a bag and shaken. The bits of metal that had worn off the coins were recovered from the bottom of the bag.Sweating tended to wear the coin in a more natural way than clipping, and so was harder to detect.
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