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  1. bump before dreaded e bay, last lot of silver for sale 🙁 dean.m
  2. anybody interested ? 😀 is this way over priced out of interest?
  3. hi for sale 5 ASE , in capsules and all mint, no marks etc , selling as bullion price £ 100 inc SD royal mail postage cheers dean.m
  4. hi you will need a broker / intermidiatry to buy shares for you, ( like barclays), you want one ( i suggest a S&S ISA) with the cheapest on going charges and cheapest cost on purchasing shares .. look here for plenty of advice on investing and it also gives a list on brokers etc & costs https://monevator.com/find-the-best-online-broker/ you may want to look at i web & xo for share dealing only cheers dean
  5. moring bruce welcome a fellow watch buyer/ collector ( mondern stuff) i seem to be as bad as buying and selling PM as i am at buying watches to sell only at a loss as it turns out🤣 cheers dean.m
  6. hi 20 ( tube) 1 oz american silver eagles, only some coins have some toning on edge only faces are clean & bright. £390.00 inc SD royal mail postage thanks
  7. hi Reduced - sale NOW £130.00 inc SD by royal mail- ALL coins apper mint , never been out of capusuals 2013 Mexico 3-Coin Silver Libertad Proof Set (1.75 oz, Wood Box) Limited Edition is made in Mexico with the nominal value 0 (none). Influenced by the famous mint Banco de Mexico of the series Libertad. The material of the Coin is Silver with a fineness of 999/1000. The coin was embossed in 2013 and the number of copies is 1.000 pieces. The Grade of the coin is Proof and is packaged in a Limited Edition Holzbox. 1/4 troy oz, 1/2 troy oz, 1 troy oz thanks dean
  8. for me a good price i am prepared to pay or a good deal is a good deal, no matter how i pay , so if thats a CC then fine , with CC deals such as " cash back" , " points" or "intrest free periods" etc always enhance the deal, so yes i can see circumstances were i would like to pay by CC. dean.m
  9. hi- so first sale , hope done right! so a tube of 25 10z 2016 brits sold as bullion , as tube was unopened and in the safe since new, now opened in full disclosure there is some milk spots / toning on some not all hard to say how many as when i wipe some it comes off so might not be spots ( sorry not a expert🙂) ? , so say now to go £480.00 and i will stand the SD postage ? dean.m 10/7/20-- sold pending payment
  10. thanks, but I am up to date & have all released so far , waiting to be fleeced for the next release! dean.m
  11. I am stacking all ,moving from silver to all gold , have sovs and 1 oz coins , I have proof sovs of special years 2005,2012, etc no other reason than I like the designs , then more by accident than intent I started buying the1/4 oz gold beasts in proof form, I now am committed/ compelled no matter what the cost to completing the collection but hope it will provide a return when required as a full set. time will tell dean.m
  12. there are lies & dam lies and then there are statistics ! i beleve is the saying 😀 dean.m
  13. try this site for help with the 50p values .? dean.m
  14. well nearly bought, backed a kick starter project dean.m
  15. yep everything written off, and happy to stay home rest of this year , slightly vunerable status so better forgo this year to survive and be here to enjoy next :-), would not even consider seasides visits in this country seeing the pictures of crowded beaches & resorts! dean.m
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