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  1. spot on observation for sales on here and e bay , tried here no takers even at a lower price , but here i would be happy to trust someone with paypal. hope views turn to a sale 👍 dean.m
  2. not really sir ,its a queens beast, may be too expensive? , or collection only putting people off , and no paypal dean.m
  3. would be nice if views= sales 😀, i hope yours sells as my coin has not after relist 3 times( prob due to no paypal accepted) with only 52 views , dean.m
  4. and again £1350.00 inc delivery? dean.m
  5. hi, yes not sure i trust e bay! and dont want to go through the process of grading not now , its also a chalenge to come up with a figure to sell as is as a collection now? are you intending to grade ? dean.m
  6. 2011 1oz gold britannia BU in capsule reduced to be more in line with dealers 😀 this is bullion but fine condition , not handled BUT it has been pointed out ( i had not noticed) i have had a closer look and under a loop( i have for my watches) there is a mark on the"R" ,but it looks to me like a striking fault , as its uneven and contained within the direct middle of the letter only ( would have to be a good hit and very prcise to be a dent/ impact of anykind), another retirement sale £1350.00 ,will do £1350 inc SD payment PP family/ friends . BT dean.m
  7. coin in capsule not removed , in fine condition, retirement sale still 🙂 £35.00 plus £5 royal mail SD , payment PP f&f dean.m
  8. reduced as a poor pensioner needs money🤣 £2600.00 + sd postage/ or collection dean.m
  9. ah good, see if you dont ask you dont get 😃 yes it was not a lot but thats not the point , and may be had you not been on here may not have picked it up ? anyway result dean.m
  10. how strange , i dont know why the difference, its not a fortune but will you call them to see why ? dean.m
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