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  1. well in a real crisis ( SHTF moment)I can see only gold weight being the real value /worth/ requirement, so a sov in a slab wont be worth anymore than any other sov as don't think collecting of anything will matter or be of concern over paying for food / survival dean.m
  2. it does not have to sky rocket for me , I would like to get out of my silver but will only do so at a profit on my purchase prices ( various )other than that I will sit on it and it will get passed on in the family . dean.m
  3. if you hang around here long enough I think you get a feeling / nose for what ones to go for in terms of value retention/ increase etc , I know I have dean.m
  4. I will throw mine up/ in, was not meant to be a collection but as so many do they turned out to be one ,and now committed to the next 3 !! 1/4 proof, first time they have been out altogether. dean.m
  5. i have shares in a isa, which of course have tanked, but i also hold gold and silver gone way up on what i paid on most of it, own my own home , have part ownership of rental properties ( of cours rents are in jepordy here) and i have paid into pensions ( again tanked, BUT would still provide a income if taken just not as much at this time , which is why i am not cashing in on them right now ) . its diserfication you should not be married to only one of any of them imo, i dont beleve in timing the stock market or any market , better more qualified people than me have tried and failed badly . due your own due dilligence sell when you think its right , buy when you think its right, and with sufficent time ( which i dont have now😀) you should be ahead , but there are no guarentees in life !. so sell the gold high, buy the shares low and see if you got it right in 10 years time 🤞 🙂 dean.m
  6. it good to have a goal and a plan to get there , at the moment my paln is to survive this nightmare and be able to collect my pensions that i have worked for all theses years LOL, as you said there are alot worse off. HAGW dean.m
  7. more luck than judgment i think 😀 but thank you for your kind thought , i think i am more lucky( if i use the term losely) than a lot of people having two good final salary pensions , theses seem to not be available to people nowadays (unless you are in the public sector?) i think i can survive till things get back to normal, what ever normal will be, but one thing i hope i have taught my two sons is diversification & no debt is key in later life! dean.m
  8. so in january i put my notice into work to retire on 30 april, at that time i had three defined contribution pensions and two defined benefit pensions and the fore casts had me looking good for a comfortable retirement i had enroled a IFA to sort them all out , i sit here with some 3 weeks to go before i have no income , the contribution pensions have dropped like a stone awaiting revised forcast on theses and defined benefit have gone on hold/ awaiting revised forcasts too, and obviously all companies invoved are on skeleton staff so getting up to date infomation is hard !i am being guided by a IFA who advises not to panic , esay for him to say 🙂, looks like i will have to survive on savings for who knows how long or as long as they last ! then its selling the family gold & silver 😀 dean.m
  9. well have had the heart attack 5 years ago, & doing a sedentary job sat all day , i decided It was time I needed exercise so I started to jog round my small village on my lunch hour , only takes me 15 mins 5 days a week( weekends are busy and physical so takes place of) , cant say I can run a marathon but I don't get out of breath running up the stairs now cant say it has had a great weight loss effect though but that more down to diet which I fall down on, I am also taking supplements in a vein effort to up the immune system, I do have a susceptibility for chest infections since a bout of pneumonia 10 years ago so finger crossed I will have done enough when it strikes as I agree we will all get it in some form at some point dean.m
  10. i dont run but i do jog weekly or may be walk fast , well i am 64 , but my advise would be which ever you chose indoor out door, buy / get fitted for quality running shoes may seem over kill for enjoyment non competative work outs/running but they will help save your leg muscles & joints ! dean.m
  11. hi hope rolex dont see that Mr D, they are already taking legal action in usa against some modder for modifying one of their dials/watches for counterfiet and selling it as a rolex! https://www.watchpro.com/rolex-calls-custom-watchmaker-a-counterfeiter-in-landmark-court-case/ may be thats why they are selling very private & in russia ! dean.m ps i would have gone omega as well :-)
  12. none for me looks like i missed the boat again LOL dean.m
  13. arrived today ( it was fortunate i got paid just before release!) not the best packaging to protect it! , same as rest really, could not find any faults, two more to go thank god ! dean.m
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