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  1. i dont know if i should have got the 1 oz queens beast completer proof, i only have the 1/4 oz proof set so not sure if it would have been any benefit, anyway its not one i will be sourcing ,esp at the price they are! dean.m
  2. HI thanks, this is correct ! glad its not just me dean.m
  3. OK dont know how to price this either with or without the mint marks (they are deffo in pressing) so i will price it as a normal sovereign? - not opened obviously , its supposed to be uncirculated , THIS IS NOT A PROOF! however when i look close there is some what appears mint marks/lines in front of the horses mouth ( like its breathing ) i don't know if this is supposed to be like this or not! i have tried to show them on images but i am no david baliey! i like to be honest and don't want any issues selling! so £345.00 + £ 5 SD post dean.m
  4. i bought a 1oz gold greyhound proof and i wil be honest for no more than speculation profit, not ashamed of it either 😁, however looks like i will have to wait for a gain on the purchase price which was high, as was the gold price when released. but i am fortunate to be able to hold on for it to have its time to increase,/demand or to hold forever to pass on. mmm 18 K for 1oz set , does that make my 1/4 oz proof set worth 4.5 K ?😁 dean.m
  5. sold, too cheap 😁. first to reply was jamesD Squalleonhart sorry sir james just beat you
  6. so i sold one of theses on e bay for £490.00, while wrapping this to send off i cut the card and nicked one of the bars, ( gutted) i was luck to have two so sent the one i was going to keep ! , NOTE this is DAMAGED as per the images , so good for a stacker in weight? £ 400.00 inc sd post ??? dean.m
  7. dont know if anybody saw this, they did not come out looking too well? nice to buy £100 K plus in coins ! dean.m https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/investing/article-9380315/Royal-Mint-customers-charged-thousands-stock-gold-bars-coins.html
  8. spot on observation for sales on here and e bay , tried here no takers even at a lower price , but here i would be happy to trust someone with paypal. hope views turn to a sale 👍 dean.m
  9. not really sir ,its a queens beast, may be too expensive? , or collection only putting people off , and no paypal dean.m
  10. would be nice if views= sales 😀, i hope yours sells as my coin has not after relist 3 times( prob due to no paypal accepted) with only 52 views , dean.m
  11. hi, yes not sure i trust e bay! and dont want to go through the process of grading not now , its also a chalenge to come up with a figure to sell as is as a collection now? are you intending to grade ? dean.m
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