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  1. What price do you have in mind? Also thanks for getting in touch
  2. I’m sure most people that go to Costco have seen the gold bars but was in today (not been in a while) and noticed they are selling sovereigns now as well
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, already have a 1989 double. But again thanks for the reply and link 🙂
  4. Anyone got any NGC PF69 double sovs for sale or they want to part with. If so let me know what you got and how much you want. Thanks 🙂
  5. I was thinking of this a while ago for my daughters personal little collection, i opted for the half sovs, they seem to come up more often on here and you get betters deals on the forum rather than buying online. if you havnt got your heart set on 1 or the other i persoanly would do whats already been suggested, save and buy a full sov or a 1/4 brit. Just my 2p
  6. was thinking rather than doing monthly buys just saving then buying multiple in one go just to make it slightly cheapr, was just looking at sovs and brits as it will be free from CGT (thinking long run) and they seem like they are closer to spot for british coins than anything else eg QB
  7. I know sovs are more liquid so easier to get rid than selling a 1oz coin, dont plan on selling after getting them (well not any time soon anyway) was just looking at the price and thinking which would be best to get. so thought id ask on here as theres plenty of people with plenty of opinions lol
  8. Looking into the new year and thinking ahead. trying to decide if I save and buy 2 tubes of sovereigns or buy a tube of britannias? I know the for roughly same price and gold weight it would only be approx 42-43 sovs but just thinking round upto 50 for 2 full tubes. Just wondering peoples thoughts? (I lready hear the calls from people to just get sovereigns lol)
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