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    Goldmick got a reaction from Micky9776 in January 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    Well done m8
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    Goldmick reacted to kimchi in October 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    Thanks a lot @ChrisSIlver that sounds great! An announcement on the thread would be perfect imo, but don't listen to me, it'd just be really nice to have a bit more activity around this as for me it was one of the nicest things about the community here and then suddenly disappeared! Thanks!
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    Goldmick reacted to kimchi in October 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    Thanks @ChrisSIlver! I think the question was about 'which system' is used, but I guess you mean it's part of the forum software perhaps?
    I thought before the upgrade you or another admin or mod used to announce the result on the thread, which led to all the congratulatory posts, and is something I loved. It really was a lovely part about being a Premium Member (quite apart from the listings and entering the raffle in the first place!) - the taking part and all the camaraderie, wishing the winner well (albeit with jealous glances perhaps ). I think it'd be nice if there's some sort of message announcing the winner from one of the team here, and then the congratulations posts would flood in. At the moment some sort of system picks a winner and then (if you're like me!) you realise at some point in the month that you don't know who won, and go in to see a pretty dead thread.
    Tldr: please find a way if you can to bring back the good old thread with an announced winner and then all the congratulations - which could be as simple as announcing the winner!  
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