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  1. Its gone up another £2 since just now lol
  2. Well for me i started watching all them gold tv programmes on tv and loved the idea of owning some gold and liked the idea of how much work and how rare it really is i was lucky with my timing with the gold price i remember saving up for a 100gram gold bar it was only a few months before when we first learned about leaving the European union cant remember the price for sure but only had it a month and the price went up a fair bit. I sold it after a while and started my journey with sovereign.s oh dear bad mistake lol. Its as you khow quite addictive just over a year ago i was 55 and thought sod it im gunna take half my pension out and buy some nice sovereign.s i did lol a few 5 sovs and a few sets even bought about 12 of them harington special price ones at £230 ish ive been so lucky i seem to buy at great price and yes sold all them for a great profit think the month i sold them was highest price for ages most of my friends thought i was crazy with my pension and also using most of my wages buying sovereign.s but ive done good and i love to tell them how much i payed and how much ive made better than a bank account ive had a lot of fun to its great when i have needed some funds ive just sold on here and allways done good i have fantastic feedback to lol. Mist of my coins have gone up in value a fair bit. Ive also graded a fair amount of my sovereign.s and been lucky with grades. Ive learning that seems its better to just buy bullion ones no waiting for grade.s and easy to buy and sell but i hate selling any of my coins lol. It was a friend that said look when the price is high and you can make a profit a good one sell some like i said my timing by just luck couldn't have been better.
  3. Wow just seen gold price is high today over £1400 a oz
  4. Hi all here we have a lovely 2005 bullion sovereign in great condition. Its £365 plus a fiver for special delivery. Check out my great feedback uk bank transfer thanks mick..
  5. Updated info and pictures i have done a online fashion show on a whats app group 35 members. And this week at the 8pm nhs clapping event i dressed up for the very first time in the street ware i live they were all great most said how good i looked and one even said he would lol said i was hot ha ha just a bit of fun and hope to make some of you smile. Cindy_doll_michelle xx
  6. Here we have a lovely 2005 sovereign in great condition £365 bank transfer uk only check out my great feedback
  7. Lol yer was mine and now bidding for it back lol £11.50
  8. 1 gram gold 22k coin lovely little coin £40 plus post UK bank transfer check my fantastic feedback
  9. Thanks guys means a lot to me im so happy im stil mad mick Monday to Friday but Michelle weekends lol
  10. Sorry but dont care if you think im a freak only telling you all cos you dont really khow me not easy to share but im brave and dont really care im so happy now cindy_doll_michelle tell me what you think i wont mind xxxx Added 0 minutes later... Yes thats me mick aka Michelle xxxx im so happy
  11. How much was they why do people edit the price i dont
  12. Thanks sold dont khow why others take the price off when sold i wont dont thanks
  13. On hold til i hear from marc did say uk. But let me khow if interested but to be fair gunna give mark a while to answer me. But need to sell today
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