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  1. Here we have for sale a rare 2 rand gold coin only 4000 minted. Yes its a details polished grade but we khows its real i could have taken it out the slab but only selling as bullion and at a great price. Please check out my fantastic feedback uk and bank transfer only thanks for looking price is £360 i will pay special delivery costs
  2. a great coin getting hard to find in nice condition. 425 uk bank transfer only at a fiver check out my fantastic feedback
  3. im selling this coin as bullion price free slab yes its polished but real kept it in slab for that reason only £390 uk bank transfer check out my fantastic feedback special delivery now inc
  4. here we have a lovely gold coin 1/4 oz ms64 dpl £400 uk bank transfer check out my fantastic feedback free special delivery inc
  5. My favourite coin i own i got the 4 coin set from the london coin fair. The other 3 all got 69.s but the 5 sovereign got the 70 i was so happy i love it so much
  6. Ps thanks conishrich thats my 3000 likes you just gave me been waiting for that lol ha ha
  7. which i have a pf70 dcam im well happy with it
  8. followed by my second favourite the 2005. 5 sovereign
  9. Yer but its not the pistrucci one and also that is a pf proof yer still overpriced they are stunning sovereign.s one of the best 5 sovereign ever made
  10. Why has someone said pf69 its not a proof i have a ms69 dcam stunning coin proof like not pf
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