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  1. Yer been a while ive got back into my coins now and the gold price is better now lol i always did buy on the low.s and sold on the high haha also been busy dressing up haha
  2. Yer I paid £750 for them think i paid top price but gold has gone up a bit since then lol 😆
  3. Hi peeps had these a few years now bought from mark on here. So nice to have a proof Elizabeth 1960 coin im after khowing the value now for both my coins im sure there quite rare would love to khow the mintage of them i khow its low had a look on e bay not many there there a good grade to any one khow any info would be great
  4. Not bought any gold for a while got this today just 2 more to get
  5. Not really rare but not to many in this grade its my favourite sovereign by far
  6. You have a lot to learn xxx
  7. Thanks to the few that said nice things means a lot to me. Money and gold coins don't make me happy I'm Michelle and that makes more happy
  8. Hi everyone its been a while since ive been posting on here i have had a look every now and then i did lose my love of gold coins for a while think it was the virus and me doing my Michelle thing. Been getting the buzz back a bit this week im looking at the last 2 qb.s i got all the others in 1/4 gold and got them all graded seems like a good time to get the last 2 before they either go up or get out of stock. I hope my post stays here it is about gold i see the non precious section is premium members only now. Ive had a look at the prices of gold coins since i bought all mine and have done go
  9. Hi all sorry about the delay im good thanks all yer been busy lol the coin is sold thanks all stay safe mick
  10. Here we have for sale a rare 2 rand gold coin only 4000 minted. Yes its a details polished grade but we khows its real i could have taken it out the slab but only selling as bullion and at a great price. Please check out my fantastic feedback uk and bank transfer only thanks for looking price is £340 and just £5 special delivery
  11. here we have a lovely gold coin 1/4 oz ms64 dpl £400 uk bank transfer check out my fantastic feedback free special delivery inc
  12. My favourite coin i own i got the 4 coin set from the london coin fair. The other 3 all got 69.s but the 5 sovereign got the 70 i was so happy i love it so much
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