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  1. Goldmick

    2016 ms 70 dpl

    Just thought i would share my sovereign i just had graded. Its the only one on the ngc census. I didnt khow that in 2016 the was not just the bullion and proof sovereign the was the bu sovereign very low mintage well im well happy its my first coin thats the only one on the census
  2. I khow this is a old post but i found out today my grades on these fantastic coins so i am updating this for those that helped me i got the only graded 2016 ms dpl sovereign on the ngc census and not only that but a 70 that was on my half sovereign the full also a ms dpl 70 one of only 4 so im happy
  3. Surely the half is at least dpl see the pictures and none on the census yay
  4. Think the mintage you said was for the full have a look again lol and yes i only paid 675 for both of them sovereign.s from a coin dealer i khew i was doing the right thing these bu sovereign.s are a great buy and i will grade them both be interesting to see what they put on the slab what do you think lol
  5. And now the full difference from the half but one side looks dpl
  6. Update i got my coins s the half sovereign the is no dpl on the census and only 500 or less mintage see my pictures its definitely proof like or proof but says bu on coa
  7. Goldmick

    1989 half sov

    I will be buying the 4 coin set soon raw and having them graded with conservation a very nice sovereign set and always going up in price the 4 coin set is gunna be about 7000
  8. These have done well i khew they would and the piedford.s 2017 and 2018 have done good as well 👍
  9. Yes i still have my pf one and the coa and the letter from the mint asking for the coa back
  10. Yes should be sent today so will see and if they are proof one side and bu the other i will be well happy. Looks like the bu 2017 5 sovereign to me remember that one they did a proof and bu and the bu got graded dpl i think
  11. Yes roy this is the info that mark sent me have a look at the 2016 bu half mintage very low indeed
  12. Yes roy thats right what you think m8
  13. Haha yer sorry but yes interesting what ngc will grade these as im sure i did ok with these low mintage and couldn't find any on e bay or anywhere else
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