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  1. Got my completer coin other day only bullion but good price think its one of the best coins from rm for a fair while
  2. Only a bullion completer queens beast but im happy with it there stunning coins
  3. It's not what you know it's who you know 😎😎
  4. Ive done well buying 5 coin sets if you grade them and get 70.s you can do well you need to check them out well ive done good with a few my favourite is my 2005 proof 5 sovereign bought back at the London coin fair a few years back the 5 sovereign has almost payed me for the whole set in uplift price
  5. Oh its 1/40 i was looking for 1/4 onza
  6. Hi peeps just had a look at the census on ngc to see how many 70.s on my coin cant find 1/4onza in the list on the Mexican coins anyone khow what im doing wrong
  7. I really love the series myself always did but i started buying the 1/4 gold from the start i even graded mine not to sure that was the best plan but oh well done now but yes i dont really care to much about premium.s if i like a coin i just hunt and wait and look for the best price i can get it for there stunning coins and i myself think they will do well 😊
  8. Only just seen the link from ngc blimey am i reading it right cant be right i was gunna sell them both for about a grand
  9. Hi just for you lol
  10. I love these coins did you see my post on here in gold section
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