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    Royal Mint gold proof Commemorative five pound coins ( 1990 - date ) and have a registry set with PCGS.
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    The only silver that i collect is the QB 2oz series.

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  1. This coin had a low fairly mintage of 299 compared to the mintage of the early commemorative gold £5 which was between 2500 - 3000. The mint reduced the mintages dramatically in 2013 and even more so in recent times.
  2. UPS have a standard investment gold declaration form but it is not easy to find and has no reference number. Personally i have never had a problem importing with them. Once your parcel lands in the UK fill in the form and email it to their customs and imports dept. Someone has previously posted a copy of this form and if you search for a thread " Ordering from the USA" you will find it.
  3. You could enquire by email to EIC and just ask why you have two silver proof 1 ounce with a different design. attach your photo and see what they say. I certainly would not send the coin back to them.
  4. If you look at the gold proof versions of the coin the designs are different depending on size of coin. The 1 ounce has one of your designs, the 1/4 and 1/2 g have the other design. Not sure how the silver proof 1 ounce ended up with both designs ? Also on the gold coins the EIC company mintmark moves position as it does on your coins.
  5. From the 2021 annual set that was released a couple of months ago.
  6. The London coin fair that was planned for Sat June 5th has been moved to Sat July 3rd with the hope that all is back to normal after June 21st. There is an option to register for the event on their website. Also Birmingham fair on Sun July 11th.
  7. Personally i am not into sets in a big way but previously had the popular Sov sets, graded them and came back with a mixture of 69 and 70 grades, initially sold the 69's but then later sold the 70's as well. Regardless i always kept the cases and c of a as someone always wants them with one of the coins. Maybe if the whole set had come back 70 i would have kept them. The only sets i have now are some SA mint Natura which i like because the four coins have a common obverse but the reverse design is different on all four coins. Also they just look too good in the wooden kiat cases to b
  8. Currently coins have a 10% final value fee + plus third party payment fees With the new Managed payment scheme for private sellers Ebay are quoting 12.8 % plus a fixed charge of 30p as the total final value cost that includes payment fees. This applies for a single item sale up to £2500. If you sell an item that is more than £2500 you will pay 3% on the portion of the sale price above that figure. Not sure if they will tweek this for coins when that category is activated or if the above is the standard for all ?
  9. I have always found Ebay very good when i have sold, never had a problem. Sold a surplus coin recently - advertised at 12.00, sold at 21.00, money in the bank at 21.30 and shipped next day at 09.00, no messing and with a £1 FVF. Also always found Ebay good for selling modern collectable coins as long as the asking price was reasonable.
  10. I have not managed to find a UK based company that will insure your valuables, does anyone know of one ? There are now so many single coins being sold that exceed the Royal Mail SD cover limit. Ebay sellers can be seen quoting RM SD shipping even with mega expensive coins with no mention of additional insurance, maybe some dealers do have business insurance. Some others are asking for collection in person. In general the seller is responsible for goods until delivered so sending a 10k coin with RM SD would be brave. Yes it is a very good service, i have never had a problem with it
  11. Conservation is considered before the grading process. If you have asked for this service NCS will look at your coin to decide if the coin will benefit from conservation, if so they will conserve it, if not they will send it for grading. Newly minted coins can sometimes have issues that can be improved with conservation but it depends what the issue is. Some people send all newly minted coins for conservation in the hope of increasing the chance of getting a 70 grade with the view that the conservation will remove any issues with the coin. Not all issues can be resolved for example a cont
  12. There are probably some that also have photography as a hobby that have an expensive camera and kit. I am not one of these people so i use a compact camera in macro mode and natural light. I have one room in the house where the daylight seems to work ok and can often get a decent shot. The problem wiith taking photos of proof coins is reflection of the camera or your hand but you can solve this by taking shots at a slight angle.
  13. Very unfortunate for people having orders cancelled but the question is - exactly why are they cancelling orders ?
  14. Yes photos before sending for grading is a good idea, made life much easier for me with a PCGS problem a couple of years ago
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