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    The only silver that i collect is the QB 2oz series.

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  1. I sent a small gold coin to Japan with Royal Mail international and it arrived fairly quickly and without issue, the max cover you can get for this service is £250. I checked the restricted / prohibited list and could not see any problem with coins. Listed as Numismatic item on customs form CN 22 / 23
  2. Do some research with the coins that you will be selling to see what reasonable selling price can be expected and this will depend greatly on the coin itself and the condition of the coin as this is a very important marker with proof coins. Selling to dealers will not be a good option for the reasons that you have already mentioned. I would certainly recommend having a go at selling one or two on this forum first and he how it turns out.
  3. Top grade 2016 full sovereign for sale in clean and unmarked PCGS holder. Please note that there is no box, case or c of a with this coin. Fixed price £950 incl Royal Mail SD UK only shipping, BT preferred Any questions please ask
  4. From the NGC website - NGC uses Cameo and Ultra Cameo designations after the numeric grade to describe the degree of frost present on the design elements. If little or no frost is present, no designation will be used. (Note: Ultra Cameo is generally synonymous with Deep Cameo, another common term in the hobby.) Generally Ultra Cameo coins are more desirable coins and will attract a higher premium.
  5. I spoke with my Acc Mgr end of last week who said that all that purchased the previous issue will be given priority, so unless people have not taken up that option or they have increased the mintage there in theory will be very little for sale.
  6. In their terms and conditions 4.2 they give examples of items covered by their insurance and collector coins are included so now i guess we are dealing with definitions and small print ! Basically it is just a pain in the butt trying to ship valuable coins within the UK unless you have some form of business insurance.
  7. A company called Secursus give additional insurance for Royal Mail parcels. They are currently quoting a cost of £100 for 10K of cover. I have never used them, i think there are others on the forum that have but not sure if anyone has had to claim and if such a claim was smooth and straightforward ?
  8. I have purchased a couple of coins recently that were shipped with DHL express. Had the initial email notification followed shortly after by further emails trying to prompt me to accept delivery without signature, or in other words accept a leave it on the doorstep delivery. Not sure if they actually know of the value of contents of a parcel, probably not !
  9. One of the best 50p coins released by the mint in recent times, must be a winner.
  10. One of the key elements for success with the new CC plan is that the seller advertises the coin for a reasonable price, The majority of coins sold by the CC are graded and in recent times we have seen people trying to sell some modern coins at over inflated prices in particular for 70 grade coins and i believe the seller would fail with such coins in many cases. Also many people that use coin auctions set a max price proir to bidding so any coin for sale with a reserve above max would not get a glance ! I have noticed a gold £5 sit on Ebay for what must be close to a year now with the same price that is well ott, i guess it depends on how quickly that you want to sell and if you a gambling man ( or woman )
  11. Maybe someone should ask the RM for their views on the current situation ? From a business point of view i am sure that they are very pleased that most of thier coins sell out in a matter of minutes but do they have any interest in who actually buys them whether it be collectors or flippers ? As someone said earlier in the thread the RM are not daft and from my personal experience they do try to look after the collectors the best they can under the circumstances. From a customer experience perspective trying to buy an item only to find that you are nearly always number 2000 in the queue is certainly not appealing and therefore not good for the business but i am not sure what the best solution would be for this ? Personally i don't do queues nor do i pay more than the RM issue price for newly released coins, however i would never critisise someone else who is happy to pay over the odds for a new release, a coin is worth what an individual is prepared to pay for it !
  12. More detailed info on the coins stolen from B'ham coin fair on the Token publishing website news page.
  13. They should make outstanding orders their priority, there are a lot of people waiting !
  14. A headless version would probably be best !
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