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    Royal Mint gold proof Commemorative five pound coins ( 1990 - date ) and have a registry set with PCGS.
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    The only silver that i collect is the QB 2oz series.

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  1. Yes and if the police understood the law it would have saved £5000 of taxpayers money, which they should have done. There are also implications with legal tender regarding VAT exemptions on gold coins, that is if the coin is not on the list.
  2. I did ask the Royal mint about their high security no leak policy on new releases and the answer given was to avoid " unfair competition " - whatever that means ? There could be many interpretations for this statement but i suspect in many cases it actually creates " unfair competition " rather than resolving it !
  3. Luckily my RM acc manager phoned me about one minute after i joined the very long queue so i manged to get what i wanted. Hopefully the same thing will happen when the next engraver coin comes out but i won't be putting any money on that happening ! I think the beast coins will always be a fairly good buy and will always be popular but as BYB said you will probably have to hold them for a while. The RM see this range as a long term regular winner for them and i think the popularity was shown by the mini stampede on the website this morning.
  4. 2001, 2003 and 2009 now sold 2018 and 2019 still for sale - both for £90 plus UK shipping.
  5. This issue must be extremely frustrating to deal with bearing in mind that there is a UK goverment issued document that clearly states the coins that are exempt from VAT and why Fedex appear to be ignorant to this government document ? I know many companies now employ robotic staff working from a crib sheet to process their admin and paperwork that have no knowledge regarding exemptions from the basic application, this is certainly now true with my line of work in aviation and probably also with Fedex ? Personally i try to always insist on using UPS as i have never had a problem with them using the gold declation form that a previous post mentioned.
  6. 2005 gold proof half Sovereign PCGS PR70DCAM in clean / unmarked holder. This coin was graded by myself and came from a set so there is no box / c of a. £375.00 BT or PP F+F plus UK RM SD shipping. If you have any questions please ask.
  7. Five PCGS graded one ounce / 30g panda coins for sale, all in clean / unmarked holders - 2001 MS69 - £70.00 - sold 2003 MS69 frosted - £105.00 - sold 2009 MS70 30th Anniversary - £65.00 - sold 2018 MS70 great wall of China label first strike -£50.00 2019 MS70 red holder first strike - £50.00 Payment - BT or Paypal F+F plus shipping cost ( your choice of shipping ) Any questions please ask
  8. To the best of my knowledge there is no service available where you request minimum grade for initial grading. However if you crossover for example from PCGS to NGC you can request that the coin does not cross at a lower grade so that it at least holds it present grade.
  9. Only have a few silver coins and luckily they have remained problem free.
  10. Personally i take the glass half full view, paid £250 from the mint and the coin is now worth multiple times that amount. Have not graded any of mine yet and as a collector i will be holding them for quite some time so no rush. I would expect the coins to slowly increase in value once the flipping stampede is well and truly over. Also EIC will soon be releasing their versions which includes a one and two ounce gold and silver proof into the market, but as a previous post mentioned nothing will better the RM originals.
  11. I would have a word with Ebay to check if the seller has received your payment. I know there have been a few problems with the new managed payment system and some sellers are not keen on shipping until they have cleared payment. I may be wrong but i think the seller has to declare the item has been sent to enable the payment process to proceed. I
  12. There was certainly people bidding on this coin, then an "error " message appeared and the lot was withdrawn ?
  13. I graded with PCGS for many years and prefer their holder but i found from experience that they could be a little mean grading modern proof coins, they did not seem to be keen on allowing for very small production defects, NGC appeared to be a little more tolerant with this. However if you look at the current PGCS 70 grade definition it quotes that they will allow for as minted flaws as long as they are small and do not impact eye appeal of the coin.
  14. I managed to get a one ounce gold, had the shipping notice at 14.50, thought i would be waiting for a couple of weeks !
  15. I wonder what the going price will be for the 10 kilo gold ? and who will buy it ? presuming it will be for sale ?
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