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    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    Royal Mint gold proof Commemorative five pound coins ( 1990 - date ) and have a registry set with PCGS.
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    The only silver that i collect is the QB 2oz series.

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  1. This coin features the Lake District and Scafell Pike, the highest English mountain
  2. If you are going to grade coins get a 5 x magnifier or loupe which are not expensive and have a look yourself. If you see any permanent marks with the loupe, even very small ones the coin will probably downgrade and grading may not be a viable option, in particular if you want 70 grade. You can never presume a newly minted or untouched coin will get top grade, approx 50% of the coins i have had from the mint over the years would not grade 70. However you can ask NGC for conservation and grading. Conservation can remove some non permanent marks from a coin and a few guys i know ask f
  3. I prefer the PCGS holder but NGC is now much more user friendly for UK grading. Having a NGC London office is very handy, shipping valuable coins to PCGS Paris with insurance is very difficult. I previously always used PCGS Paris ( by submitting at shows ) but had several problems with debris inside holders and scratched / marked holders so converted to NGC. Also i think the NGC registry set layout is much better than PCGS.
  4. The Royal Mint have a defined acceptable standard for newly minted proof coins and with reference to this standard many coins they issue would not and do not make a 70 grade. Regardless of the standard if you are not happy with the condition of a coin you have the right to return it. So now it is all change, you can now buy a 70 grade gold Mayflower for a premium of £335 and remove any possible ambiguity. I suspect many will feel that such a premium is far too high and will continue to self grade.
  5. They were selling a 2017 graded gold 5 Sov last week. My account manager told me some time ago that they were thinking of selling coins in some kind of holder and the coin would be removable ? Maybe they have realised there is a decent market for graded coins and want some of the action ? Also a reduction in returns ? Or maybe an increase in returns if they try to dump off the remaining lower quality coins to the those that buy raw ?
  6. Very nice, i would expect these coins to be in demand, only 250 in gold. I think the RM have turned out some good designs for the Commemorative £5 coins in recent times.
  7. There are some advantages of owning graded coins - protection of the coin, easy viewing, easy storage and possible financial gain if the coin grades well. Hunting down coins for your collection is all part of the fun. Personally i buy raw coins and grade them myself but to get top grades you need to find top quality which can be time consuming and difficult. In most cases you will find it a lot more cost effective to do it this way. For example i have purchased raw gold £5 coins and graded them 70 myself and later often seen the same coin for sale already graded for £600 - £900 more. Of
  8. Only a couple of these graded 70 with PCGS and one of only two commemorative gold £5 with the third portrait ( plus one in a 2013 set )
  9. There should be no hidden reserve under any circumstances, all should be transparent and declared. If someone has purchased a coin and paid more than they would have done without a hidden reserve they have been deceived regardless of the coin value or if it is was a fair deal or not ! Maybe if you intend to bid on a specific coin you could ask the auction house if there is a hidden reserve before you bid and then decide if you wish to continue ?
  10. Yes winning with 7 games left is a premier league record, the next record that could go is the maximum points for a season, i think Man City hold that currently with 100.
  11. Been a great season, champions at last !! It will be a real scrap next season with City, United, Chelsea, Leicester and maybe others looking good. And more good news - hopefully Gary Neville has now emigrated to Papua New Guinea 😈
  12. 2012 Royal Mint one ounce brilliant uncirculated Brit in presentation pack. I have owned this coin from issue in 2012, the pack is in as new condition, the coin has a little " bronze " toning near the rim in the 12 and 7 o'clock postion. £27.50 + UK shipping of your choice BT or PP F+F Any questions please ask
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